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12 inch scooter motor

12 inch hub motor with tyre 36v 250w for electric scooter. Rated voltage:36v Rated power:250w Dropout size:125mm Weight:4.6kg

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new bldc gear motor for trike 1000w to 1800w

This bldc trike brushless motor 48V 1000W now only nees $155.

Please noted that this 48V 1000W brushless motor will be $175/pc after June.

The following is this motor main specificaton:
Rated Voltage:48V,60V,72V
Rated Speed:3300rpm
Rated Torque:2.89Nm
ratio: 1: 6
Phase Angle:120 degrees
Planetary gearbox
Efficiency >80%
See the motor photo here
bldc motor 1000w
The motor related controller 48v 1000w photos
bldc motor controller

To Get this bldc trike brushless motor 1000W from CityZenith online shop, it is a bldc motor online store,and the link is here

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24V 36V 250W electric bicycle conversion kit fron wheel quick assembly style hub motor

I put this entry in April and not I think this entry is not good so I decide to rewrite this post. On CITY ZENITH ONLINE SHOP, we have a new style hub motor for ebike covnersion kit. The quikc assmebling and disembling like you do on a folding ebikes.

A customer from Netherlands bought this ebike conversion kit two weeks ago and now he is working on the kit. The kit URL is

Most of our electric bike conversion kit buyers are from Australia,USA and UK. Recently, I notice that French customers is also like e bike conversion kit.Here, I attache our 36v 2502 ebike conversion kit photo.Let enjoy now.

36V e bike conversion kit
36v 24v 250w ebike converion kit

the demo of each part of a converted ebike
converted e bike demo

Beatiful converted ebike example
e bike with conversion kit

If your like these parts, remember CityZenith online shop

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