Plug in Drive Tech at Eco2 Transport- London November 16-18

Come for a test ride in London Nov 16-18. Plug in Drive Tech will be with Emissions Free at the Eco2 Transport.

Eco2 Transport is not an academic talking shop, it is an "act now" solutions-orientated, business-driven event for all organisations, both public and private sector, from SME to blue-chip corporate, enabling them to reduce their carbon footprint — and increase their cost efficiency.

100% Electric: no gas, no emissions

We started with the premise of no emissions and no gasoline and added the most advanced technology to create Sprint by Plug in Drive Tech. The result is a bike that is highway legal, climbs hills easily and accelerates smoothly – all while saving energy and money.

100% Performance

Plug in Drive Tech drive train is designed by our engineers with components designed and built in the UK and in the United States. Supported by its advanced power management and protection systems, Sprint by Plug in Drive Tech is reliable and comes with a two- year warranty. The Sprint sports five regenerative modes to select from and reverse. You will love the displays and indicators that communicate status at all times.

100% Fun

Easy to ride Sprint by Plug in Drive Tech can perform your everyday needs- to work and back, running errands around town, or just riding around. With a 100km/64 mile per hour top speed, the Sprint knows no limitations to utility and to the wind in your face speed with full torque.

We bet you will have a smile on your face after your test ride. We invite you to come ride with us.


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