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ELV Motors Hybrid scooter audiophil2 By: audiophil2 15 years 6 months ago
Looking for a similar battery for my "dual motor" scooter Buckeroo Bob
Buckeroo Bob's picture
By: Buckeroo Bob 14 years 5 months ago
Zapino brake rotors 22theman By: 22theman 15 years 11 months ago
Melbourne EV Expo. Be there for a world record. LithiumVectrix By: LithiumVectrix 10 years 5 months ago
Vectrix charging stations Spaceangel By: Spaceangel 14 years 2 months ago
novice rebuild help needed - make help & troubleshooting throttle issue jdnimmo By: jdnimmo 12 years 9 months ago
need help troubleshooting an ego that wont move please cory21 By: cory21 12 years 7 months ago
Selling my VX-1 NiMh bike in San Diego DanDiego
DanDiego's picture
By: DanDiego 9 years 7 months ago
Looking for a BMW R-series (chassis) for conversion GreenWheel By: GreenWheel 12 years 6 months ago
X-Treme XM-2000 Collaborative Hand Books Board Moderator
Board Moderator's picture
By: Board Moderator 16 years 10 months ago
Nice job VectrxFabn RaDy
RaDy's picture
By: RaDy 14 years 12 months ago
Last 4 nimh modules of 9 cells to sell!!!! VectrixLeaf 1
By: brian hall
7 years 2 months ago
Sam's Club, Hybrid scooter. 50cc + 36V/500W hub spinningmagnets 1
By: erth64net
14 years 8 months ago
Odyssey Batteries bluebushido 1
By: andrew
17 years 3 months ago
Desulfator evthinman 1
By: anyway
15 years 11 months ago
09 Razor Pocket Rocket (Blue) throttle help DaleW 1
By: DaleW
14 years 2 months ago
Best BMS for Lithium powered XM-3100 ev_rider 1
10 years 5 months ago find: brand new old Vectrix procrastination inc
procrastination inc's picture
By: Aircon
14 years 4 weeks ago
Universal Power Group UPG Batteries Gregski 1
By: soulbandaid
14 years 11 months ago
TRIKKE Tribred Pon-e; Stand-Up Electric commuter vehicles rogwild 1
By: 7tronics
1 year 4 weeks ago
Washing/Cleaning Electric Scooter kaimana 1
By: LinkOfHyrule
15 years 9 months ago
Thunder sky BMS proempiet 1
By: proton
14 years 10 months ago
Who do you contact for service at Vectrix? Morrison 1
By: eyeinthesky
15 years 8 months ago
Car cigarette lighter plug 12V 0.5A. USB charger. Can more power? Vicens 1
By: LeftieBiker
7 years 9 months ago
NiMH cells jamesengland 1
By: elevatorguy
11 years 5 months ago
new batch ofTaller "Winter" Windshield R
R's picture
By: Tonet_BCN
2 years 3 months ago
Batteries rewiring into buddy pair (with the black-box and no additional cables leio 1
By: leio
14 years 6 months ago
$2500 Vectrix VX-1 for sale - Los Angeles electric_boogie
electric_boogie's picture
By: electric_boogie
12 years 10 months ago
Changing/fixing master cylinder for rear brake Weee 1
By: fcherny
13 years 12 months ago
Newbie with question Libralabsoldier 1
By: reikiman
15 years 1 month ago
Know the vectrix model sporras2 1
By: R
12 years 6 months ago
One on the way whome 1
By: ptudor
14 years 10 months ago
How do you disconnect the stock charger? Mik
Mik's picture
By: Spaceangel
13 years 11 months ago
XM-2000 battery charger vinnie 1
By: jdh2550_1
16 years 9 months ago
Replacement controller for ze-2000 Bruce_Wayne 1
By: Bruce_Wayne
14 years 10 months ago
Insurance Claim - How to Proceed mrottinger 1
By: Spaceangel
13 years 10 months ago
XM-2000 for parts, or parts for? raynman75006
raynman75006's picture
By: raynman75006
15 years 7 months ago
The coming of the Electric Motorcycle Gman
Gman's picture
By: andrew
17 years 3 months ago
Gold Star for Hesketh & EV Buzby
Buzby's picture
By: undead
14 years 6 months ago
CAN-USB Cable set for sale in U.S.A. moccasin
moccasin's picture
By: moccasin
11 years 1 month ago
Controller hookup boydculver 1
By: andrew
15 years 11 months ago
1985 Honda VF 700 becomes 96volt with 8 optima batteries greenation
greenation's picture
By: Reid250
14 years 2 months ago
Is it OK to skip tr charging? Mik
Mik's picture
By: AndY1
15 years 2 weeks ago
Questions on using diagnostic software ProEV 1
By: israndy
8 years 10 months ago
rear gear noise not so bad check the out Vectrix-NH 1
By: Tireiron55
15 years 9 months ago
Have you confirmed your still on the Z-20 Waiting List? Maybe you should before September 30, 2007 Gman
Gman's picture
By: davew
16 years 8 months ago
Deafscooter Purchase order the Small Version Tomahawk Motorcycle Deafscooter
Deafscooter's picture
By: drivin98
16 years 5 months ago
Availability retrodog
retrodog's picture
By: moccasin
15 years 7 months ago
what is the diameter and thickness of the large O-ring. Gearbox O-ring set rev 2 ?? 4en1_4en1
4en1_4en1's picture
By: Penguin
4 years 6 months ago
Vectrix shares at 0.50 undead 1
By: Mik
15 years 2 months ago


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