Electric Bicycle Dealer

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Sells complete electric bicycles (not conversion kits) to the public.
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Kalkhoff USA

Distributes in the USA the Kalkhoff range of bicycles and electric bicycles. Kalkhoff is a German bicycle maker who is known for high quality bicycles and electric bicycles.

The electric drive train attaches the motor to the chain between the pedals and rear wheel. One effect is that as you change gearing on the rear wheel the motor is able to take advantage of the changed gear ratio.

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Electric Rider

Sells a comprehensive range of electric bicycles, electric bicycle conversion kits, and electric bicycle parts. They've been in this business for a decade or so. Their product line is primarily based on Crystalyte motors.

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Shadow E Bike - Daymak

An electric bicycle with both battery pack and motor in the wheels. The color of the bike is bright yellow reminding one of lemons.

HEIGHT: 1.1 meter
WIDTH: .61 meter
LENGTH: 1.7 meter
TIRES: 26 inch WEIGHT: 59 lbs / 26 kilos
MOTOR: 250W or 1000W
FRAME: Aluminum Alloy or Titanium Alloy (optional) RANGE: 40km Single Battery / 100km Dual Battery
CONTROLLER: Daymak Drive™
POWER CHARGER: 36V - 110V/220V
INCLINE: Up to 20° Single Motor / 30° Dual Motor
TOP SPEED: Limited to 32 km/h

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Pete's Electric Bikes

Pete’s is owned and operated by Dean Keyek-Franssen and Chuck Ankeny, both crazy inventors/serial entrepreneurs whose careers collided completely by accident – or so it would seem - in mid-2009. When asked where the name Pete’s comes from, Chuck likes to tell the story that Dean wanted it to be called Dean’s Electric Bikes and Chuck wanted Chuck’s Electric Bikes. So we settled on Pete’s. That seems to make perfect sense to most people. Dean likes to tell it a bit differently. For Dean and brother Mark, a co-founder, it all started with Grampa Pete; a crazy inventor cum environmentalist who always had a better way to do things. However the story gets told, the vision is the same. Pete’s is on a mission to become the premier source for electric bikes, motorcycles, cars, trucks and charging solutions.

At Pete’s we are passionate about electric bikes. We have commuted by bicycle for years and understand the benefits of adding electric assist. We use what we sell. Our goal is to get you out of your car, enjoying fresh air and getting exercise while you accomplish all the running around of daily life. Think of all the trips to the grocery store, the hardware store, the video store… even your daily commute to work. Electric bikes turn errands into joy rides. Electric bikes do not take away from your daily exercise; they add to it. Our customers range from teenagers to grandparents. Riding couples refer to our bikes as the great equalizer, no longer is the stronger rider waiting for the other. Older customers are now enjoying longer rides in more varied terrain. Commuters are cutting their commute time by as much as half and arriving to work fresh and ready to go. Join the growing list of people making the world a cleaner place.

Pete's Electric Bikes is all about electric vehicles. We rent, service and sell electric bikes, motorcycles, cars and trucks as well as products designed to make living with electric vehicles easier. We strive to provide you with the best selection of products that provides the optimal balance of affordability, reliability, and performance. We use what we sell and if we won't use it we won't sell it.

Our stores are located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada; Boulder, Colorado; Wayzata, Minnesota and soon to open in Aspen, Colorado.

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Plug In Motorsports

An Phoenix, Arizona based dealer selling electric motorcycles and electric bicycles.

The motorcycles are the GPR-S from Electric Motorsports. The bicycles are from A2B, Calisto, Portia, and Europa.

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Fresch Electric Bikes

An electric bicycle dealer in Huntington Beach, CA. Their line of bicycles appears to be from RMartinBikes.

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EG Bike

Distributes a range of electric bicycles from Canton MA.

Most are mountain bike style, 240 watt motor, 24 volt system, 24 v 10 AH battery pack. They claim 20 miles/hr and up to 40 miles range. However to me the range seems suspicious.

The battery pack is mounted to the seat stem and overall the bikes look competently designed.

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Raw Motors USA

Electric bicycle dealer in Arcadia CA.

The most interesting of their vehicles is this pseudo-chopper looking bicycle.


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Electric bicycle dealer and riding center in Coral Springs, Fl.

As of this writing they carry e-bicycles from Urban Mover (the A2B) and E+ Motion Systems.


Build Your Own Electric Vehicle You need this book if you want to build your own EV

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