Electric Bicycle Parts or Kits

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Makes or sells electric bicycle conversion kits.
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Renaissance Bicycle Company - ebikes.ca

Sells a wide range of excellent parts and kits for electric bicycles.

Their bicycle conversion kits are the a) eeZee, and uses an internally geared hub motor; b) Nine Continent; c) Stokemonkey/Xtracycle.

They are the maker/supplier of the truly excellent Cycle Analyst dashboard. This thing shows voltage, amps, amp-hours, kilowatts, kilowatt-hours, speed, and more. The design is flexible enough to use on not only bicycles but also motorcycles or cars.

They've got plenty of other useful parts such as a very bright headlight unit.

PortaPower (HK) Limited


PortaPower, founded in H.K. in 1992, is a reputable manufacturer and exporter of Li-ion, LiFePO4, Li-polymer rechargeable battery packs and related products with more than 18 years. The applications include E-bike, E-scooter, and Electric Vehicle. OEM/ODM projects are also welcome.

If you are interested, please kindly contact me: chris.chan@portapower.com.hk


Best Regards,
Chris Chan
Marketing Executive
Tel: (852)2687 6323
Fax: (852)2690 9915

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E+ Bikes, Electric Motion Systems

Electric Motion Systems is the successor to Wavecrest Labs, designer of a very interesting hub motor system for the Tidalforce line of electric bicycles. Tidalforce doesn't exist now but the design and everything else is now Electric Motion Systems.

The design has a hub motor in the rear wheel, and in the front wheel a battery pack. They say the purpose is to distribute weight evenly and to ensure a low center of gravity.

It's a very high quality and rugged system which they say is

Designed to withstand a variety of conditions, the E+ has gone through rigorous performance and environmental testing. The system is entirely waterproof, ensuring that it can endure both on-road and off-road conditions.

They sell the system as a kit allowing conversion of any bicycle. They sell a wide range of bicycles with the kit installed.

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Electric Rider

Sells a comprehensive range of electric bicycles, electric bicycle conversion kits, and electric bicycle parts. They've been in this business for a decade or so. Their product line is primarily based on Crystalyte motors.

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Golden Motor

Chinese distributor of some electric bicycle conversion kits, battery packs and other related parts.

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Amped Bikes

They make and sell a range of highly regarded electric bicycle conversion kits. The kits are sold with or without batteries. The kits use hub motors, some of which are direct drive motors, others are geared motors. They also sell some parts separately including torque arms and battery packs.

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Crystalyte Europe

The distributor for Europe handling all of Crystalyte's product line. Crystalyte makes a series of bicycle hub motor conversion kits allowing one to easily build an electric bicycle.

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Pete's Electric Bikes

Pete’s is owned and operated by Dean Keyek-Franssen and Chuck Ankeny, both crazy inventors/serial entrepreneurs whose careers collided completely by accident – or so it would seem - in mid-2009. When asked where the name Pete’s comes from, Chuck likes to tell the story that Dean wanted it to be called Dean’s Electric Bikes and Chuck wanted Chuck’s Electric Bikes. So we settled on Pete’s. That seems to make perfect sense to most people. Dean likes to tell it a bit differently. For Dean and brother Mark, a co-founder, it all started with Grampa Pete; a crazy inventor cum environmentalist who always had a better way to do things. However the story gets told, the vision is the same. Pete’s is on a mission to become the premier source for electric bikes, motorcycles, cars, trucks and charging solutions.

At Pete’s we are passionate about electric bikes. We have commuted by bicycle for years and understand the benefits of adding electric assist. We use what we sell. Our goal is to get you out of your car, enjoying fresh air and getting exercise while you accomplish all the running around of daily life. Think of all the trips to the grocery store, the hardware store, the video store… even your daily commute to work. Electric bikes turn errands into joy rides. Electric bikes do not take away from your daily exercise; they add to it. Our customers range from teenagers to grandparents. Riding couples refer to our bikes as the great equalizer, no longer is the stronger rider waiting for the other. Older customers are now enjoying longer rides in more varied terrain. Commuters are cutting their commute time by as much as half and arriving to work fresh and ready to go. Join the growing list of people making the world a cleaner place.

Pete's Electric Bikes is all about electric vehicles. We rent, service and sell electric bikes, motorcycles, cars and trucks as well as products designed to make living with electric vehicles easier. We strive to provide you with the best selection of products that provides the optimal balance of affordability, reliability, and performance. We use what we sell and if we won't use it we won't sell it.

Our stores are located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada; Boulder, Colorado; Wayzata, Minnesota and soon to open in Aspen, Colorado.

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supply Conversion Kit of electric bike

Manufactory Zhejiang Haoren Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd.from China find distributor and buyer from all over the world
with EEC DOT approved owns full intellectual property to product lines.with 200W,500w 1000w 1200W 1500w 2000w 3000w 5000w BLDC HUB 48V/60Vmotor.
Motor and controller can be customize 200W48v/60v/72v,300w48v/60v/72v,500w48v/60v72v,800w48v/60v72v,1000w48v/60v72v,1200w48v/60v72v,1500w48v/60v72v,2000w48v/60v72v,3000w48v/60v72v,5000w48v/60v72v BLDC (Brushless DC)HUB motor These motors can fix any kinds of models with the same good performance .
email gene_hjp@hotmail.com skype okgenehjp
Official Website we supply
Electric scooterMoped Elektro Roller Elektroroller elektrisches Motorrad moped electric vehicle
We have more than 10 years experience in exporting EEC/DOT electric motorcycle ,electric scooter ,electric bike and we are 5 years Golden Supplier . We are selling these electric scooters and bikes at a introductory price. We strive to ensure that our products are reliable, updated. Based in Zhejiang, China ,Our factory Zhejiang Haoren Electric Vehicle Co.Ltd manufactures , electromechanical parts and electric vehicles. Our machines are powerful with patented motor. They are real pure electric, noise free and pollution free. Take the advantage of our quality electric vehicle and competitive price now and enjoy your life more.

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They make a complete conversion kit for electric bicycle conversions, as well as various useful parts one can use in a conversion.

The conversion kits are based around a brushless hub motor that can be installed in either the front or rear location on a bicycle.

The current product lineup also includes: Battery Packs, Controllers & Throttles, Freewheels & Brakes, Connectors & Parts, Hub Motor, Wheels, The Cycle Analyst


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