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Sells what they claim is an easy 5-minute electric conversion. Their proof is a video (see below). It's a low power hub motor kit for the front. It's clear from the video they've designed-in a few time-saving bits: a) they supply tire and inner tube on the replacement wheel; b) their battery is small enough to attach beneath the seat; c) the wiring harness is pre-wired and self contained; d) the rim is a normal size meaning not having to adjust the brakes.

Includes (everything you need to ride the day your kit arrives):

  • Complete Wheel: (tube, tire, rim) with 250-watt 24-volt brushless planetary hub motor (motor is sealed, rain and mud-proof). Motor wheel assists you up to 15mph when you engage the Grip Switch. Makes you feel three times stronger.
  • Battery: 20-mile 8.5Ah Lithium battery/controller system with 4-LED charge level indicator (only 6-lbs total) pre-installed in a rain and mud-proof quick-attach seat bag (8x3x5'') or 10-mile 8Ah battery/controller system (only 11-lbs total) pre-installed in a rain and mud-proof quick-attach seat bag (6x6x4.5'')
  • Grip Switch: On/Off handlebar motor control installs quickly, lets YOU control when the battery gets used (not a twist throttle). Smoothly cruises at 15mph. See the FAQ page for details.
  • Charger: (smart/auto shutoff) for U.S./International 110-240v, 50-60hz wall sockets or extension cords

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