EVT electric motorcycle Parts

ALL NEW PARTS - Bulk sale of EVT parts (Multiples) . Mirrors, lights, display boards, controllers, and more $400 OBO

Speedometer/Display Board for EVT 4000E . Shows: Speed, Turning Signals, Headlight and Battery indicator. Ready to plug in.
Brake Lever for EVT 168 & 4000E Left and Right available
Mirrors for EVT 168 & 4000E Sold as left and right sets.
Turning Signal Lights EVT 168 & 4000E FRONT - Right and Left available REAR - Right and Left available
current Meter EVT 168
Front basket for EVT 168 and 4000e
Headlight Bulbs for EVT 168 and 4000e
Handle Switches Left and Right For EVT 168 & 4000E electric scooters - NEW - Left & Right Available

Great club purchase or sideline for enthusiast.

contact for more details.

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Re: EVT electric motorcycle Parts


I need a Brake Lever (right) for EVT 168.
Can you tell me where I can find (lower price) and if they cand send it near Montreal (Qc)?
Thanks for your help.

If you speak french, it would be appreciate.
Marie-A. Leblanc


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