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Established in 2008, Electric Vehicle Mall sells green 100% electric bicycles, mopeds, standup scooters and motorcycles. Just plug them in at night! No gas, no oil changes, no maintenance. By using solar power to charge your electric bike or scooter, you can have a zero carbon footprint! Economical gas scooters also available. Fast shipping! We stand behind and service every product we sell.

Electric Vehicle Mall provides an sophisticated shopping experience with lots of product information and pictures at www.ElectricVehicleMall.com

Electric Vehicle Mall is located in Clearwater, Florida. However, all shipping is performed directly from warehouses located strategically around the United States. This saves on shipping costs, which we pass on to you in the form of lower prices, and also allows fast delivery to anywhere in the continental U.S.!

Electric Vehicle Mall offers full repair services on every model it sells.

The importance and value of earnest, timely and expert CUSTOMER SERVICE by a reputable dealer should never be underestimated. Electric Vehicle Mall has earned a reputation with both its customers and with our product manufacturers for outstanding customer service. We answer or return your call the same day (usually within 30 minutes), provide our own expert support and ensure that you receive the highest level of support from the product manufacturer. We immediately go to bat for you if you ever run into any difficulty with obtaining what you need from the manufacturer, be it warranty support or simply getting an answer to a technical question. As needed, we follow-up to ensure that any warranty parts are shipped to you in an expedited manner. You are in the safest of hands when you purchase a product from Electric Vehicle Mall.

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Hi All -

EMotorWerks is a San Francisco Bay area-based company specializing on
high-performance Electric Vehicle components and conversion
solutions.We are a group of professionals with strong and diverse
backgrounds in business, finance, technology, research, development,
marketing, and automotive performance.

We offer a wide range of components -- motors, motor controllers,
batteries, as well as fast chargers and charger kits. All products
that we offer come from reputable manufacturers (NetGain, NetGain
Controls, Kostov Motors, EVNetics) and have undergone extensive
testing in our own in-house test vehicles, proving to be the best in
their categories.

Our charging systems are developed in-house and offer the most
sophisticated and adjustable functionality available on the market
today. Fully open source and based on the popular Arduino
architecture, the chargers are fully programmable by the end user to
meet any type of requirements. Currently, 8-10kW output, PFC version
is available in a kit form.

Our impressive motor selection includes high performance racing motors
at best prices (such as NetGain 11HV tested to 560hp, or a dual Kostov
11" capable of 600-800 ft*lbs of torque). Whether your goal is
comfortable city driving or raw power of speed, we have a solution for

High performance conversions are about power. More power. Better,
cleaner power. Seeing what your car is capable of. Feeling in charge!
Since our very first conversion, we are hooked on power - let us help
you experience it like you never did before!

Check our online shop at http://www.eMotorWerks.com/emw3/

Email us at info@eMotorWerks.com if you have questions - one of our
tech consultants will be in touch with you within 24 hours.

Andrey for Team EMW.


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