electric bicycle factory HIPOWER

HIPOWER is the electric bicycle factory in China.
For example,W series.
1.Aluminum alloy frame
2.Lithium iron battery (LIFEPO4) 48V, 10AH,
3. Max. speed 25 km/h.
4. Aluminum alloy pedals. LED headlight. Exquisite basket.

With mature technology and excellent R&D team, HIPOWER is the TOP 3 in Chinese LIFEPO4 industry.
1. Light weight, small size, high energy density
2, Long lifecycle up to 2000 times (4-7 times than Lead-Acid battery), no memory effect. Can fast charging
3. Maintenance free, chemically stable. It won’t explode, no fire and smoke
Good performance in low/high temperature
4. No toxicity, no heavy metal LEAD pollution
5. We can mass produce 600AH single cells (The leader manufacturer in China)

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