3x Vectrix VX-1's breaking for spares

I have three VX-1's that I am breaking for spares...

Two have been stripped to bare chassis (available with registration documents) so all parts available including a rare pig-tail charger - a latest revision motor controller - forks - shocks - lights - wiring looms - wheels - motors - gearboxes - body panels (bright red or dark green) - seats - throttle / kill / light switches - windscreens - complete Brembo brake sets etc etc etc...

The third is a complete blue bike - not registered (v55 avavailable) which will require some attention to batteries (cell disfunction/sensors).

Am prepared to accept all reasonable offers - given they are 'used' parts with no gaurantee - and co-operate with shipping at your expense.

Parts can be viewed / collected form UK Midlands.


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