New and used USPD parts (Currie, Synergy Cycles, Lashout, Bmc)

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We have almost every part for the USPD style electric bicycles in stock, tons of new and used parts... Bmc 400watt CW motors, 5K pot thumb throttles, 1/2", 12mm, and 19mm roller clutches and more.
Let me know what you need


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Re: New and used USPD parts (Currie, Synergy Cycles, ...

Hi Daniel - I would like to buy a replacement motor for my currie pro drive bicycle - 8mm D shaft, internal controlled, a 300,400 or 600 watt motor would be fine. . I have a Kollmorgan 400 watt motor with a bad internal controller and was thinking of buying one of the after market sensor-less controllers and would be interested in a couple of your bad motors for experimenting - thank you


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