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Welcome to Lithium Storage Incorporated! We are a wholesaler for Hipower, CALB (formerly SkyEnergy), and ThunderSky Lithium batteries.

We offer:
All our Hipower Lithium cells are priced at $1.20 per Ah.
All our CALB/SkyEnergy Lithium cells are priced at $1.35 per Ah.
We also offer ThunderSky cells.
We are pleased to be able to offer a 2-year warranty for Hipower, CALB, and ThunderSky cells.
We also offer chargers and BMS systems, but you don't have to buy those from us. You can save yourself the %markup and buy them directly from the manufacturer links if you desire. We're in the business of providing you quality Lithium batteries. Contact us soon so we can help you get your EV on the road.

Mike Collier
Lithium Storage Incorporated
(801) 513-6610


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