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100% Electric + Performance = Pure Fun.

Finally, performance you would expect from a conventional cycle without the noise, gas and pollution. Plugin Drive Tech provides a 100% electric cycle that combines advanced technology with quality construction at an affordable price. Whether you are a consumer or a fleet operator Plugin Drive Tech has the vehicle for you

Advanced Technology
Reverse gear
Regenerative breaking - 5 modes to select from
Smooth acceleration
Power to seize any hill
Onboard charger and BMS
Advance indicators- GO signal, charging indicator and more...

Re: Plug in Drive Tech

Plug in Drive Tech

1) What makes Plug in Drive Tech different from other electric motorbikes?

Plug in Drive Tech drive train is designed by our engineers with components designed and built in the UK and in the United States. Supported by its advanced power management and protection systems, the Sprint is reliable and comes with a two- year warranty.

All Plug in Drive Tech models has five regenerative modes to select from as well as reverse.

2) What is unique about the Plug in Drive Tech software technology?

Plug in Drive Tech software optimizes the performance of the motorbike by both customizing and managing the battery capacity and motor power. Bike performance can be modified based on customer demand without expensive hardware modification. This feature is particularly attractive for example to fleet operators who may wish to set speed or acceleration limits for safety.

Also Plug in Drive Tech optimizes power control to obtain 92% efficiency from the battery. Compare this to other electric motorbikes which typically derive 80 to 85% efficiency.

3) Why are Plug in Drive Tech bikes the most reliable electric vehicles?

Our drive train system typically utilizes 50% of the capacity of its advanced components which means that even with high intensity use, the bike is safeguarded against heat damage.

4) How is the Sprint model different?

We started with the premise of no emissions and no gasoline and added the most advanced technology to create Sprint by Plug in Drive Tech. The result is a bike that is highway legal, climbs hills easily and accelerates smoothly – all while saving energy and money.

Easy to ride Sprint by Plug in Drive Tech can perform your everyday needs- to work and back, running errands around town, or just riding around. With a 100km/64 mile per hour top speed, the Sprint knows no limitations to utility and speed.

5) What are some unique features of the Sprint by Plug in Drive Tech?

The Sprint comes with a battery management system to protect the batteries, premium shock absorbers for a smooth ride, 5 regenerative braking modes to select from and reverse gear, a connection box making it very easy to change the rear tyre even with the hub wheel. It also has LED lights for energy efficiency and safety features such as a GO indicator and a kill switch.

It is also practical with its internal charger leaving plenty of storage space in the trunk and finally a 3 meter spiral charging cord you can plug in anywhere!

6) Why is Sprint by Plug in Drive Tech ideal for fleet operators?

The Sprint is versatile: It will ride silently both outdoors and indoors at airports, stadiums- anywhere work demands. It accommodates two riders and has great low speed handing to use at walking speed.

The Sprint’s step through design means an entire fleet staff can easily ride it. Its easy to learn because the throttle controls all acceleration and braking so no clutch is required

It can be charged from any outlet in 3-5 hours and fast chargers are available.

Its connection box means that in case of a flat, tyres can easily be changed by fleet users easily even with the hub motor.

Most importantly, low operating cost and NO gasoline means savings for all fleets. Using a Sprint will help a fleet reach its carbon emission and savings targets.


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