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John Johnny13334 Ohio 6 years 10 weeks ago Johnny13334
Square Wave's pictureJohn W. Wild Square Wave Ohio 5 years 34 weeks ago
Ed Miller edsm18 Ohio 5 years 26 weeks ago
Mentaluproar's pictureSean Carson Mentaluproar Ohio 5 years 17 weeks ago
slowride59's pictureTony Kirk slowride59 Ohio 4 years 28 weeks ago
Carl Adkins Tinkerer Ohio 1 year 39 weeks ago
vectrix07 Ohio, USA 4 years 40 weeks ago
Chris Harter Harter ojaiho@hotmail.comI Ojai Ca USA 1 year 26 weeks ago
Joe Zorskie zorskie Ojai, CA 5 years 28 weeks ago
patrick cady pack okemos, mi 8 years 19 weeks ago
LaughsAtSpandex Okemos, MI 8 years 1 week ago
John Mason John007 Okinawa Japan 8 years 4 weeks ago
Perry pdclowr Oklahoma 6 years 37 weeks ago
Bill Johnson billbobagns Oklahoma 6 years 21 weeks ago billbobagns
Skyler catsicaptizz Oklahoma 5 years 30 weeks ago
Lloyd Faver Lloyd Oklahoma 3 years 18 weeks ago
Gypsy's picture Gypsy Oklahoma City, OK 2 years 9 weeks ago
Andrew Hammar OlatheSuzuki Olathe, Kansas 5 years 42 weeks ago
Patrick Talmadge masterrunner Olympia Wa 7 years 5 days ago none none none
Evan Berry Dracis Olympia WA. 36 weeks 1 day ago
Dave Kois Current EV Tech Olympia Washington 5 years 34 weeks ago dkoisii
Barry ZIckuhr bzickuhr Olympia, WA 5 years 34 weeks ago bzickuhr
Carmen Cody Carmen_ce Olympia, Washington 39 weeks 5 days ago
Joe Bryer grsnp-guy Olyphant, PA 7 years 7 weeks ago grsnp_guy
Lester Holland lesterholland61 Omaha 4 years 49 weeks ago
Dave Lowe thompscooter09 Omaha 4 years 46 weeks ago
Tony Parker otp1957 omaha 4 years 10 weeks ago
FC's pictureF.C. Farwell FC Omaha NE 7 years 38 weeks ago frankcf
Lee Cornell Whisper Omaha, NE 7 years 43 weeks ago
Steve Thomas SteveT ON 7 years 7 weeks ago
Mike Durant mdurant Oneida, NY 6 years 48 weeks ago mdurant1
val's pictureval rosenblatt val ont 6 years 37 weeks ago vmcmane
wayne corbett hockeystuff54 ont .canada 4 years 48 weeks ago hockeystuff54
Ronin Ontario 8 years 35 weeks ago
harrisw19 ontario 6 years 20 weeks ago
Ken Woods Pemba1 Ontario 6 years 3 days ago
berno belanger tractionbby ontario 5 years 14 weeks ago
Deb Gemm Debnjon Ontario 5 years 13 weeks ago
David Carter Chippit Ontario 4 years 32 weeks ago
bill88brown's picturebill brown bill88brown ontario 4 years 26 weeks ago
billbrown88's picturebill brown billbrown88 ontario 4 years 26 weeks ago
Bryan Clayton Bryanec Ontario Canada 7 years 47 weeks ago
Rod's pictureRodney Shears Rod Ontario Canada 7 years 23 weeks ago
bill williamson chippawaguy ontario canada 6 years 52 weeks ago
Atom atom Ontario Canada 6 years 38 weeks ago
chris wilson c24747 ONTARIO CANADA 5 years 28 weeks ago
Garry7k Ontario, California 6 years 29 weeks ago
John Kalinowski morati Ontario, CANADA 7 years 5 weeks ago
Gavin Caissie GForce Ontario, Canada 6 years 4 weeks ago
Paul Gingerich roadie59 Ontario, Canada 5 years 6 weeks ago
Mark Smith mgjsmith Ontario, Canada 4 years 47 weeks ago
Larry Lester Macscooter Ontario, Canada 4 years 31 weeks ago
jean-claude gravel jcgravel1956 ontario,canada 6 years 13 weeks ago
Tom Billiodeaux tombilliodeaux Opelousas, La. 70570 6 years 19 weeks ago
dave chung racekar orange county ca 6 years 32 weeks ago
Paul Eggington eggington Orange County, CA 7 years 46 weeks ago
SurakIII's pictureSteve F Huckins SurakIII Orange Park, FL 32073 6 years 39 weeks ago SurakIII (home), SurakV (mobile)
esoneson's pictureEric Soneson esoneson Orange, CA 7 years 1 week ago
Christopher Viers chuckufarley Orange, Ca 2 years 37 weeks ago
sparc5's pictureTschäff sparc5 ORD 7 years 49 weeks ago xitazxi sparc5 sparc55
My house powers my car - grocery bag
This is what the END of Gasoline looks like - bumper sticker
Limits to Growth: The 30-Year Update
Electric and Hybrid Cars: A History
Revenge of the Electric Car The electric car is not only back from the dead, it's inevitable
Who Killed the Electric Car? Essential documentary explaining what happened the last time electric cars were killed

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