Battery Management or Monitoring System

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Makes or sells systems to manage or monitor battery pack condition. Includes battery chargers, display panels showing pack status, and passive or active management systems.

BMS Manufacturer

Each BMS is composed of several parts:
CCM :1pcs of CCM(Central Control Module).CCM is the "master" who analyse data and send commends.
DCM:1 or more than 1pcs of DCM(Data Collection module).DCM connects to each acts as "slave" whose main job is to monitor all the batteries and send data to CCM on time.each DCM controls 16cells in series at most.
Current sensor:1pcs of current sensor who is in charge of checking current.we have 300A,500A,1000A current sensor.which one we use determined by client's load parameters.
Touch Screen:1pcs 3.5'' or 5.7''led touch screen who display various battery information and status and send alarms.
Besides the four basic components above,there are other optional parts:
ISO(insulation test module) which is used to test the leakage of the battery and improve safety of the whole system.
DSM(Data Storage Module) which can store the data of batteries.
High voltage relay which will cut off charge/discharge circuit directly.
PC software which enable the BMS communicate with the PC.

Main features:
Over charge/over discharge/over current/short circuit protection
Balance during charging
SOC estimation(State of Charging)
Color touch screen
CAN-Bus communication with charger
Displaying voltage of each cell
Displaying charger status
Monitoring temperature of the whole battery pack
Alarming for under voltage/ over voltage
Adjustable parameters
Flexible charge and discharge control methods

contact us:

supply lifepo4 batteries,BMS and charger and other related parts of electric vehicles

we are Anhui Ligoo New Energy Co,limited
we are professional manufacturer of Battery Management System for vairous lithium battery packs
from 12V~600v.
the application is very wide such as bike,scooter,car,bus,truck etc.also can be used for
UPS back up system,military,telecommunication system and so on.
we are one of the earliset BMS producer in China.our products was gone into market as early as four years ago.
our technology is first class and the price is very competitive among all competitors at home and abroad.
beside BMS,we offer charger and any other parts of electric vehicles to meet more requirements of clients.;

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All Cell Tech

The company has developed a "customized thermal management solution" for "high power lithium-ion battery systems". They've developed a "phase change material" that sheaths cells. They say it protects against thermal runaway, and extends battery life.

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smart battery testing system

Neware Co.,Ltd located in Shenzhen,China. We primarily manufactures a complete range of battery testing systems for all the rechargeble battery as Li-ion, LiFePO4, Ni-MH,Ni-Cd,Lithium polymer battery
NEWARE is our registered brand. Neware testers are widely applied in battery testing fields such as electrode materials research,battery,large-scale battery formation,capability grading,battery internal resistance test,electrical vehicle battery test,etc…
We can customize the tester as customer's requirement from voltage 5V~500V,current 1mA~1000A

sigle cell tester pic:

battery tester.JPG data analyzing software interface
data analyzer.JPG

battery pack tester(meet large volate and current test need)

Equipment Comprehensive Performance

1.1Hardware Features
  a,According to the international standard design, each channel of the system has an independent constant-current source and constant-voltage source
  b,The internal electrical power supply uses the high efficiency switching power supply, the energy conservation effect is remarkable, each power tube has the independent protection circuit, guarantees the Equipment works with safety and reliability.
  c,Measure adopts four wire method, decrease contact error, increase measure precision.
  d,Each channel is independent;
  e,With high efficient cooling system, Equipment can work 24 hours with full load.
  f,Hardware adopts double loop control,can change from constant current to constant voltage without pinnacle,protect battery.

1.2Software Features
  a,Each channel can program and test independently, after any “stop”, (including power failure) the work step has “continue” function, prevents the current data loss
b,Upper machine is compatible, can suit different versions of lower machine, and has the friendly man-machine interaction contact surface, ease of operation.
  c,High speed data acquisition, catches the change detail of voltage and current precisely (16bit AD), with journal function.Formidable data and curve processing function; perfect report form function, supports four kind of report form types and sorts of report formats:
  d,Formidable data and curve processing function; perfect report form function, supports four kind of report form types and sorts of report formats:
  e,Sees namely the obtained report form: The data obviously derives.
  f,Conventional report form: Derives the entire NDA data file
  g,Lamination report form: The circulation level, the work step level, the record level data derives separately
  h,Definition report form: The user can define and derives the template of the report form
  i,The data and the curve may derive to EXCEL, TXT, can be edited and processed
Need more informaiton,visit our website
or mail (TEL:86-15814472201)

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Frazer-Nash Energy Systems

They've designed what they claim is an "advanced Battery Management System (BMS)" designed "to work with most Lithium battery chemistries, including Li-ion, Li-Poly and LiFePo, the BMS has already proven itself to be reliable and rugged in a variety of applications".


  • Cell voltage measurement
  • Cell temperature measurement
  • Cell equalisation
  • Battery current measurement
  • Battery voltage measurement (provides cross-check with the sum of cell voltages)
  • 12V Auxiliary voltage measurement
  • Battery pack ambient temperature measurement
  • Earth Leakage High/Low indication
  • HV Battery Fuse Integrity Detection
  • Control of up to two HV Line Contactors
  • Fan Control
  • “HV Precharge” inrush current limiting
  • Hardware interlock with an external emergency stop circuit
  • High and Low speed CAN-bus

The website says it's planned to go on sale in late 2010. As of this writing it's heading towards the middle of 2011, so they've missed that delivery date.

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Clean Power Auto LLC, MiniBMS etc

Primarily they sell the MiniBMS system - a battery management system for LiFePO4 cells. They carry a couple other parts for electric vehicle conversions.

They don't say where they're located, but it's clear they're in the U.S.

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LiFeTech Energy

LiFeTech Energy is a major manufacturer of high performance, premium quality LiFePO4 batteries and associated products. Information on LiFeTech products can be found by visiting our website at
LiFeTech Energy is an official licensee of Phostech Hydro-Quebec, Canada.

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Current EV Tech

Based in Olympia WA, they sell a full range of parts and gizmos for electric vehicle conversion. This includes lithium-ion batteries, battery management, chargers, motors, controllers, various accessories, cabling, etc.

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Renaissance Bicycle Company -

Sells a wide range of excellent parts and kits for electric bicycles.

Their bicycle conversion kits are the a) eeZee, and uses an internally geared hub motor; b) Nine Continent; c) Stokemonkey/Xtracycle.

They are the maker/supplier of the truly excellent Cycle Analyst dashboard. This thing shows voltage, amps, amp-hours, kilowatts, kilowatt-hours, speed, and more. The design is flexible enough to use on not only bicycles but also motorcycles or cars.

They've got plenty of other useful parts such as a very bright headlight unit.

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Pulse Tech

To get an idea of exactly how important our technology is to the performance of all your vehicles, consider this: The main cause of vehicle failure is battery failure due to sulfation buildup on the battery plates. And Pulse Technology prevents sulfation buildup.

In most cases, your battery is still good. You just can't reach the energy inside. That means you have to buy another battery even though the one you have may still be usable. PulseTech products help prevent this problem -- once and for all.

Our products connect directly to the battery. They emit a pulsating dc current that removes the sulfate deposits from the plates and returns them to the battery acid as active electrolyte. When installed permanently, our products also help keep sulfates from building up again so your battery is in peak condition all the time. In most cases, some of our products even help renew dead batteries already suffering from sulfation buildup and help bring them back to life.


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