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I am a ZAP Xebra dealer . Many of my fellow dealers are looking for a good quality scooter to sell this spring. ZAP is offering the Kasea scooter under the ZAP name. I like to look at all options though.

A dealer sent this link to me and I wanted to see if anyone here knows anything about these?

Mark Higley


Mark Higley

They are here and they don't even know it.

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Website Design Of Doom Award!

The bonehead that designed their website must be new to the business - looks horrible.
I hope they know at least what they're doing in terms of electric drivetrains and the essential infrastructure....;-)

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My first post! Great community, very happy to have found it.

Right now I'm bartering with the owner of Skeuter - trading him (badly needed) web design in exchange for a Scoot. We're starting with some other sites of his, but I hope to get to sooner or later.

In any case, I've been riding the 650W Skeuter for a few weeks now - 7 miles round trip to work every day, with a charge-up at work and a nasty hill in-between my job and I. The Scooter gets up to about 52km/h according to the built-in speedometer (not tested independently). Supposedly, I'll be trading it in soon for a 1500W version that should get a little faster- with this one I'm definitely slowing cars down.

The batteries are two long skinny ones stored underneath the seat - I can look up what kind they are tomorrow. I know he's switching out all his Skeuters to use LiFePo in the future models, not sure if mine is an SLA or Silicone or what, offhand.

Let me know if there's any other questions I can answer for you.

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Welcome to our V is for Voltage Community, glad your here.
I'm sure our members are anxiously waiting to hear some additional information.
FWIW, we also host the Global EV Map of people, vendors, companies and organizations.

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