The "eShark"

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Typical range: 
8-10 miles
Top speed: 
20 mph

Got a great deal on this scooter so that my son has something fun to ride while waiting for the eRex to be complete. Built like a tank and tons of torque - climbs steep hills without hesitation even with me on it! Got me interested in building one for myself - but I want a 48V, 1200W powertrain and a bigger deck - might have to build my own chassis.






Seating capacity: 
The sun
36V, 800W motor; 11t primary gear
800 W Rad2Go stock
Number of wheels: 
Stock Rad2Go E-36 controller
Rad2Go 36V, 1.6 A charger
3, 12V scooter batteries from China (stock)
SE Wisconsin
Method for 12v system: 
None needed
Miles as an EV: 
> 100 miles
LED blinking tail lamp for conspicuity - working on LED headlight - both with independent batteries
Curb weight: 
Conversion time and cost: 
$170 used off eBay (new they are ` $500); repair/update costs of ~ $40 so far

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Re: The "eShark"

This is a nice plat toy for small children as this will provide them fun of riding it and also develop a feel of self dependent on them.Generally people don't prefer to give such toys to their children as because they feel insecure for their children but I must say that this is an adventurous sports for small kids.
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