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Dimensions: 71” x 26” x 42”
Seat height: 29-30”
Tires: 16” x 3”
Front Shocks: Premium Dual Front Fork Shock Absorbers
Rear Shocks: Dual L:270 shock abosorbers for maximum comfort
Brakes: Front Drum Brake, Rear Servo Brake
Controller: The brains of the vehicle interfaces the batteries and motor: 48 volt/ 25-26 Amp
Dashboard: A sophisticated instrument pod displays speed, voltage, lighting, system staus, charging status on an easy to read display.
Lights: Hi/low Beam Headlight, Turn Signals, Tail Light
Seat: Comfort Motorcycle style
Motor: 850 Watt Brushless Hub Motor with peak 1250 watt rating
Batteries: 48 Volt 20 Am Hours High Power Sealed Lead Acid
Charger: 48 Volt DC Output, 120 Volt AC Input intelligent Electronic
Charging Time: Dependant on use! 4 - 6 Hours
Max Speed: 20 mph +
Torque: 26 N.M., climbs up to 25º hill
Range: 35 - 42 miles depending on Riders Weight, Road Conditions Etc
Normal Load recommended: Load 220 lbs.
Maximum Load: 300 lbs.
Weight of Cruiser: 177 lbs.(including 62 lb.Battery Pack)
Assembly: Pedals, Front tire, Front Fender (10 - 15 minutes)
Security: Remote Alarm System, Locking Trunk & Seat Storage
Stands: Steel, black, with both double and side stand
Pedals: Pedals for meeting ebike legal requirements
$785 plus shipping

Rear Locking Trunk: $25.00
Windshield: $28.95
This nicely sized windshield sells for $49.95 at most internet locations. We think this add so much to your Town & Country experience that we tempt you to buy it at $28.95 with no extra shipping if you purchase it at the same time we ship your 643 Town & Country Ebike.

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Zapino Specifications:
Motor: 3000W Super efficent brushless hub motor
Max Torque: 120NM/900RPM
Max Speed: about 30 mph
Range: up to 30 miles each charge*
Brake: Rear and front disc
Weight Limit: 280 lbs.
Battery: 60V Green saver silicone batteries
Net Weight: 297 lbs. (including battery)
Optional Upgrade: Replace with 60v40AH Lithium battery
for a range of up to 75 miles
Climbing ability: 25% slope with a 177 lb rider.*
* Factors such as weather, terrain, load may affect results.

3000 peak watts, 60 volts
Intelligent Controller and DBI-digita
This is the most powerful electric scooter in its class

l battery indicator System
* This is the only one in the field of E-Scooters


Build Your Own Electric Vehicle You need this book if you want to build your own EV
Reinventing the Automobile: Personal Urban Mobility for the 21st Century
Electric and Hybrid Cars: A History
Stick it to OPEC bumper stucker
Revenge of the Electric Car The electric car is not only back from the dead, it's inevitable
Revenge of the Electric Car The electric car is not only back from the dead, it's inevitable

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