Removing Bionx 20mph speed limit

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Re: End of the 25 Kph wall - BionX is re-born

Does anyone know how to unlock a bionx 48v speed limiter?

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Re: Removing Bionx 20mph speed limit

I have a new Smart "Bionx" EBike. I have access to the official BIB adapter - BUT - where can I get the official software?

Also, can the speed limit be removed by the tools offered by prochip? (I have the latest firmware)

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Re: Removing Bionx 20mph speed limit

I would not recommend buying anything from I had a very bad experience with them.

Last year I bought the M-Ped Vmax remover and it was shipped fairly quick.

However the tool failed to remove the speed from the motor although it did remove the maximum speed displayed on the console but that was it.

I contacted Andreas Gundelach who seems to be the guy running that business at prochip and he said not to worry as he will fix the issue and send me a new device as soon as he had the chance to recompile the firmware. About two months later I called him and asked him what's the status and he apologized again saying his was building a new house and didn't have an office to put his computer to build the firmware.
After that he stopped responding to my emails and I was obviously left with a useless device and $200 less in my bank account. In the end I decided to ship the device back to him but he didn't even bother to respond or acknowledge he got although the Canada Post shows the item was delivered ( and I also emailed him again to confirm but again - no response.

I don't know if in Germany there is BBB kind of office to complain, if there would be one I will definitely file a complain.

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Re: Removing Bionx 20mph speed limit

Just a thank you message to Automated for his reply on 03/10/2013 - 01:25.
Really helped a lot.
I was able to remove the Bionx speed limit on my Trek T400+
Have also done this for other people.

For more info on removing the Bionx Speed limit visit the Marktplaats ad
in the signature below.


Removing Bionx 20mph speed limit in The Netherlands:

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Re: Removing Bionx 20mph speed limit

If anyone would like their system unlocked. I'm offering the service here in Phoenix, AZ. Requires a temporary hardware connection to modify software settings. As such, motor and console needs to be shipped to me. Here's my ebay listing:

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