Double MY1018 from one throttle ?

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Question for the knowledgeable ones..... would it be feasible to run 2 my1018 motors and controllers from one throttle by splitting the wires?

Was thinking of the possibility of having two motors in series all on the same chain to the bottom bracket. Switch on number 2 for hill climbing. Two separate battery packs. A smaller one for the booster motor.

Dumb idea? Just brain storming for fun, maybe get some folks posting.

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Re: Double MY1018 from one throttle ?

I think it will work ok. The throttle response of the controllers might not be the same, so one controller and motor might be doing more work.

There are other much cheaper ways to get better hill climbing.

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Re: Double MY1018 from one throttle ?

It should work fine. Just try to keep the Bat. negative wires the same length on both controllers to avoid any voltage difference under load. There's also a possibility that one controller might start at a slightly different throttle position than the other one. This shouldn't be a problem, especially under load, since things will tend to share evenly.

Another idea, you could put a series / parallel switch between the controller and motors. In series, you'd get twice the torque per amp, but half the speed. In parallel, a single controller might bog down unless you used a larger one. You could run twice the amps with two motors in parallel.

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