Magnetic encoder sensors - field of application

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Dear all,

In the course of a project headed by the University of Business and Economics Vienna, we are looking for potential application fields of a magnetic encoder.

Basically the technology allows measuring the position of a magnet.

Can you imagine a field, where for instance one or several of the following problems occur;

• Positions have to be measured contactless
• Extreme external conditions (dust, other magnetic fields, temperature, vibrations) have to be passed over
• Maintenance is difficult due to the high complexity of the final product/application
• Linear, rotating or three-dimensional positions have to be measured
• The space is limited and expensive
• It is vivid to avoid/know about malfunctions of position tracking systems
• Easy implementing and catch/use of the signal is necessary
• An energy effective solution is important.

We were able to identify the drive system as a potential field of application. To be precise, the sensors, which control the power of the electro motor, show (according to various interviewees) several weak spots. This could be e.g.: imprecise responding behaviour of the sensors which prevents the driver from controlling the e-motor properly, necessity of calibrating the sensors after change of tyre or chain, sensors which are heavily affected by dirt an therefore have to be cleaned or exchanged regularly, usage of antiquated gearshift equipment…

Please let us know if you experienced any of the above mentioned or other problems in the past. It would be of great help for us!

Thank you very much!

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Re: Magnetic encoder sensors - field of application

Dear e-bike owners,

please help us to find out whether it makes sense to further investigate the area of e-bikes. Every comment can be helpful for us!

Many thanks in advance

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Re: Magnetic encoder sensors - field of application

Two things come to mind for electric scooters for example: Throttle grip sensor that readily transforms 40 to 60° of rotation into 0.5 ... 4.5V, in a linear fashion, or programmable to any curve one would like. So the controller understands what the rider wants.
The other is an encoder for 3-phase PM synchronous motors with vector (sine) commutation. It would be benficial for precise control that such an encoder would have a sub-degree resolution.

But all that is already possible, with such chips as Melexis Triaxis® hall sensors?...


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Re: Magnetic encoder sensors - field of application

Thank you for your reply. The sensors we are working with, are not a new product and as you mentioned they are already built into several products. We are, however, looking for new fields of application, where this technology might lead to improvements.

If you can think of any issues with the sensors of e-bkes pleas let us know!

Thank you for you help!

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