Brammo's Steve Atlas wins TTXGP at PIR, after MotoCzysz pulls out, VA Tech comes in 2nd

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This weekend is the TTXGP race at Portland International Raceway.

First bit of news was that the MotoCzysz team pulled out of the race weekend entirely. The team's equipment had just arrived in Portland from the Isle of Man, arriving at 5pm on Friday with the race action beginning on Saturday. This meant the two bikes were configured for the TT ZERO race, which turned out to be a bad configuration for TTXGP at PIR.

I explained it fully in the second of the above links. Basically, for the TT ZERO MotoCzysz put in a pack configured for "energy" using cells with a low C rate, but high energy density. For the TTXGP race they need to run faster than the C rate of the "energy" cells allows, meaning that the TT ZERO pack was stressed too badly and overheated to the point where it almost went into thermal runaway, which would have meant a bike catching fire and burning to the ground.

That left the Brammo Empulse RR as the only high end bike remaining in the race. It meant that the 2nd/3rd place finishers were from the eSuperStock and TTX75 crew.


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