Headlamp Upgrades?

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Has anyone tried upgrading the headlamps on the XB-600 (or similar scooter)? The incandescent bulbs are pretty shoddy on this model, not to mention that there is very little (EXTREMELY LITTLE) difference between "high beams" and "low beams".

LEDs are pretty bright and pretty low power; there are some 12v LED cluster lamps here: http://www.724deal.com/12v-t20-15-led-vehicle-lamps-2-pack-red-3442.html but I'm not knowlegable enough on the subject to know whether they would work or not, or whether they would be better than what I have now.

Halogen bulbs usually run on a 12v circuit as well, but my gut tells me that the power consumption for halogen has got to be much larger.

Any ideas? Has anyone done this mod yet?

Another thing I'm considering is adding an additional two headlights behind the two clear plastic panels that are above the headlights on this model. (see photo below)

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Re: Headlamp Upgrades?

What type of bulb and fitting do you have in there now?

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Re: Headlamp Upgrades?

I am working on upgrading the 35 watt Z20b headlamp to an HID. The HID uses 44 watts, 3.5 amps at 12.5 volts.

I have two issues;
1. at start up the HID draws 10-12 amps, over a minute or so it drops slowly to 3.5 amps. I am going to try a 12 volt 7 AH battery to handle the peek current and let the DC to DC converter charge the battery when the lights are not on.

2. Because the HID is very bright, I need a reflector to shield the lamp from direct view, to keep from blinding on coming traffic. If anyone has any ideas for this reflector, they would be much appreciated, thanks.



2011 Nissan Leaf SL

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