Long distance rides for charity fundraising

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In the cafeteria here at work I found a card about the "Waves to Wine" ride which is meant to raise money for multiple sclerosis research. Hmm, I thought, maybe they'd allow an e-bicycler and it could be a good way to also raise e-bicycling awareness.

The site doesn't say anything about the type of bicycles they'd allow etc.. so mebbe it would be allowed.

But this is a two-day ride with day 1 being 40 miles minimum, day 2 being 50 miles minimum. I understand there are people who ride centuries every weekend and this wouldn't seem like so much of a big deal. But for an e-bicycler it's gonna take how much of a battery pack to make that distance? 30-40ah ?


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Re: Long distance rides for charity fundraising

As long as they don't get mean on ya. Since my town still has only about 3 ebikes, I get some pretty funny reactions in the bikeshops in town. I try to explain that 29 miles a day in 105 f is a bit much to expect from anyone. I bet most of em ride less than 29 miles a week. I bet 40ah would be plenty, but maybe a lot less if you ride at their speed instead of ebike speed.


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