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RANGE :17km at 36V7Ah/36V8.5Ah battery (and 35km at 36V14Ah/36V17Ah battery option) the range will vary with the speed , the rider’s weight and the hill grade.
MOTOR : 350 watt
BATTERY : 36V 7Ah /8.5Ah (or 36V14Ah/17Ah option)
BATTERY TYPE : Sealed lead acid
TIRES : Pneumatic
COLOR : Orange / Black
SIZE : 40*26.8*38.6 inches
WEIGHT : 69 lbs.
CONTAINER QNTY: 263pcs/40'HQ 233pcs/40’Q 115pcs/20’Q

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Company: Xiamen zap
Add:No.193,tongji north road, TongAn, Xiamen,China
Tel:+0086 13045975332 +0086 13003928734
Fax:+0086 592 6804763


; jauntily-go@hotmail.com


aima,high-tech,high-quality eletric vehicles designer&maker.

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