EGO scooter -need more torque for hill climbing

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I have an EGO scooter and I need more torque than I currently have for 0.5 mile hill at in my overall 5 mile commute. I have EGO's hill climbing gear installed (replaces the front sprocket with a smaller one), but the front belt keeps slipping on the smaller front sprocket. I'm thinking there simply aren't enough teeth to handle the increased torque on the hill climbing gear. So I would love to get some feedback on two issues:
1. has anyone identified a replacement rear sprocket for the EGO? Instead of using the small front sprocket that EGO sells as its Hill Climbing Gear, I would like to use the stock one with a larger diameter and more teeth in order to hold the higher torque. Then to increase the torque I would like to use a larger rear sprocket on the back wheel.
2. How can I increase power on my EGO? higher voltage, different motor, any alterations of the controller possible to increase torque, ect?

Hot tip: Easier way to tighten front primary 15mm belt on the EGO, or remove the motor (for cleaning or brush replacement):
EGO's manual fails to mention the 2nd motor bolt at the motor's bottom which needs to be loosened in order to adjust the tentioning bolt. (I learned by following their directions and breaking the tentioning bolt.) Instead of the necessary removal of the rear wheel, you can drill a 1" hole in the scooter's frame opposite the lower motor mounting bolt. This allows the adjustment or access to the motor in about 5 minutes.



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Re: EGO scooter -need more torque for hill climbing

looking at those and i always thought a shifter hub would be great on one

picture how sweet an ego would be with a 7 speed shimano nexus hub

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