Green Grand Prix - in West Milford, NJ

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On May 22, 2010 (that's tomorrow!!) there is going to be a 'Green Grand Prix' which will include some electric cars. It sounds like they've traditionally focused on hybrids or biofuels, but this year giving room for electrics.

What is it?

The NJ Green Prix is an Unofficial Time-Speed-Distance Road Rally for Hybrid and Alternate Fuel Vehicles, held in Northern New Jersey — just for fun!

Where is the route?

Our scenic route circles upper and lower greenwood lakes in Northern New Jersey and part of New York State, is quite hilly to challenge your green-driving skills.

Who can participate?

Traditional gas-powered, hybrid electric, alternative fuel, and electric vehicles are all encouraged to participate.
Adjustments will be made for Alternative fuel and electric vehicles to calculate average Miles Per Dollar (MPD).

2010 Rally Starting Point:
9 Marshal Hill Rd
West Milford, NJ 07480

Registration—9:30 AM
Departure—10:00 AM

Full Route: 40 Miles
Reduced Route: 17 miles
Short-Range EVs: 5.4 miles

Finish Line—12:00 Noon
at Highlands GreenFest

Complete route maps and additional information are available online at


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