Large scooter

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Traditional style scooter in the vein of the Vespa or Honda Elite. Examples are the E-Max, EVT and Oxygen scooters.
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E-Sprit Fury (Erider Thunder 5kW)

Originally mounted Kelly KBL72201 was too weak regarding startup current, replaced with better suited Kelly KEB72801X to allow starting on any slope it can climb at 30km/h.
Controller mounted on 2mm thick aluminum plate instead of steel for better heat dissipation.

Grin Technologies Cycle Analyst HC with 200A / 0,5mOhm shunt added for proper monitoring and logging of energy use.

Luggage "rack" (stainless steel sheet metal bracket) added for topcase, rack made by Masini, another importer of scooters in Germany.

Orignally mounted capacitive active BMS blew some caps on a hot day and was eventually replaced by the fully programmable central shunting type "Emsiso BMS7205".

Due to great performance reduction of the GBS LiFePO4 cells when used at low temperatures a self-devised battery heating was added along the sides of the 6 rows of 4-cell blocks.
It consists of an 8meter / 120W (230V) heating cable arranged in precisely laid meanders and sandwiched between cell block aluminum endplates and battery box wall with 5mm styrofoam/aluminized foil insulation:

Battery temp. sensor burried in between cell packs with a solar-powered digital display added (on the right in the pic below):

Battery box is sealed from the top, battery/controller cables upgraded to 35mm² (AWG 2). New cables on the left in the pic below, original on the right...:


Hand guards added to keep winter wind chill away from gloves:


Vectrix VX-1

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Large Scooter - EVT America R-30

3600W / 60V - Classic "Vespa" type body

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3000W-5000w Brushless Hub Motor for Electric Scooter.jpg

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2010 XB-700Li

Color: Black / Silver
Model Year: 2010


  • Classified as a bicycle with an electric motor assist when the peddles are attached (so registration not required).
  • Goes faster than manufacturer states on website.
  • Looks awesome!
  • Works great for getting me to and from work, and for short errands


  • Left peddle comes off a bit too easily, especially on older roads that could use repaving.
  • Speedometer is in Kilometers Per Hour... Hello??? We don't use that in the US...

Mystery Electric Scooter - goes up Mountain Highway on 500W

surf for VANCOUVER MYSTERY ELECTRIC SCOOTER -- the only scooter with video on Hollyburn Country Club, at the upper levels of Vancouver's mountainous North Shore. No "regular" 500W electric scooter can do this; not even the Ego-2 has gotten up this high.

World's only chain-driven and water-resistant Ego-II (Ego Cycle 2) electric scooter

Please surf for chain-drive ego electric scooter, also in

tegs Vextrix

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My Vectrix

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my vectrix

Very Nice to ride and I get plenty of looks when out riding

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