PackCycle 2.0 (PCX)

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The ghetto.
Home page:
Vehicle type and Maker: Bicycle 61-72 volts Next
Conversion time and cost:
Like $300 and too much time.
Seating capacity:
Wilderness Energy BD36
Random four (4.5Ah) pulled from my skateboards and two 5Ah PowerSonics. I can get all of about 1.5-2Ah out of them.
Modified Yi-Yun YK-42 (I think) with 4110 FETs
It's a hub motor. The drivetrain is non-existant. :p
Top speed:
Typical range:
2 miles ROFL
Number of Wheels:
Curb weight:
30lbs sounds about right.
Miles as an EV:
Um, like 30 so far, LOL.
Pair of random SLA chargers.
It's like 90+ degrees around here lately WTF do I want a heater for?
Method for 12v system:
Watt-hours per mile:
No idea since I can't use the Doc Wattson anymore, but I'd venture a guess of around 20-25.

I'm too lazy to redo all the documentation I put on the Endless-Sphere here:

A few pics!

The BD36 after it's been ground smooth, sanded, and clear-coated.

The new 72V battery block (soon to be replaced with lithium).

The modified controller innards.

The backpack.

And the bike.

And a video of the wheel spinning up (how do I embed this...?):

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