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Two or three wheeled electric bicycles
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Xtreme XB310Li

2013-06-26 15.15.40.jpg

48V 1000W Hybrid Style E-Bike. A daily driver.

This bike is a work in progress, and it is my experiment bike. If i have an idea, i do it to this bike first, and if it works, i can use that idea on other builds. It's not a pretty bike, but it gets the job done.

This bike is a daily driver.

Motor: Conhismotor (China) 1000W 48V Front wheel hub motor
Controller: Stock Conhismotor controller
Top Speed: 31 MPH
Battery: Originally SLA 18AH, now lifepo4 20AH.
Donor Bike: Jazz by Trek
DC-DC Converter: Tobsun 10A (48V-12V)
Charger: 5 amp. (6 amp is on the way)
Odometer: 1,200 as of 10/26/2011

Wife's Electric Bike

This is my wife's bike, a small Sedona with great handlebars and a cushy seat. The electric assist just makes it feel spunky. I can't catch her going uphill, yet! One of these days she'll run out of power. Then I'll catch her!

EVG Electric Bike selling parts

Denver Colorado (Brighton). I am selling the parts off an EVG bike, new batteries, no controller, no tail light, I have every things. Frame looks almost new, tires are great (almost new), etc.

Email me and tell me what you needs, I will send picture(s) and price.

My Bionx Modified


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homemade-dual suspension.

IMG_0013.JPGIMG_0014.JPGThis is my 1st homemade bicycle.
I made this bicycle so that I would have a suitable entry level platform to learn and grow on eg, differant batteries,motors ect.
the frame is 19mm chrome-moly tube 1.2mm wall...frame and swingarm weigh 5.8kg...140mm travel bomber front suspension,manitou 4way rear shock.
400w hub motor with 48v-12a 16 cell headway pack.

Bionx bike mod


Revived Battery Montague-Currie modified electric bike

Modified and ruggedized. Probably the last working Montague-Currie in Canada. See EValbum.

Electric Scooter/Bike Hybrid

This is a little project im putting together....I can't wait to finish it. I took a Panterra freedom and drilled the rim and mounted it into a bike wheel. Pretty cool. I haven't tested it but I'm going to see how fast it will go when im done. Any advice will be helpful. I have been taking photo's so here are a few to show case the weird bike/scooter thing.
Before Pic ,Panterra.jpg
Before Pic, Motor.jpg
Gutted Panterra Freedom.jpg
Hub Motor and Wheel.jpg

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