Bionx Xtracycle

Typical range: 
Top speed: 

Donor bike is Haro V2, 6061 aluminum, with Rapid Rise shifter. Battery mounted on the seat stays.
I like this bike more than just about anything. It's just fine for large items, like construction lumber and tools. With great gears, big bags,Bionx power, it's a smooth ride, not bad in winter, either. In "regen" mode, the back wheel drags, similar to ABS with straight line directional control, so riding on ice and snow is tighter. With 4000 miles on the gears and chain, I'd say the Bionx is helping save the transmission as well.

Seating capacity: 
Power rear hub
Bionx 250w brushless
Number of wheels: 
Smart Charger
24v NiMH Bionx
Miles as an EV: 
Cat's Eye
Curb weight: 
Conversion time and cost: 
full day. $1500. Haro ($400) was free.

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Re: Bionx Xtracycle

10-9-2011, This is STILL my everyday work horse, with over 5000 miles. Both Xtracycle AND BionX are designed for light duty, transporting loads under 100 lbs. Both are designed for an average mountain bike. The Xtracycle has been on three donor bikes, while the BionX has been on eight (8), and I bought it used. I can't estimate how much I've saved, NOT using the car. All I know is I got my money's worth by 2009.

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