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Hi, I was a serial lurker on the old board but learned a lot. I've got an old Raleigh Folder (1974) that I've cleaned up and replaced some parts, etc. I've got a WE BD36 hub motor ready to install. I've also got the batteries (BB) but I'm just trying figure out where to put them. I've got 4 x 12V x 12AH so I'd like to run 48V with the WE controller. Also just complete homebuilt lwb recumbent. ( see photo) Still trying to decide 1) should it be "electrified"? 2)How?

If the search function on this board is any improvement over the PHP, then there will be no doubt it is an improvement. Nonetheless, I alway appreciate and am in awe of forum moderators and admins. You are all so awesome. Thank You!

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Thank you and welcome a board.
Be sure to vote in our Poll http://visforvoltage.org/poll
We are also looking for additional volunteers, everything here was done by volunteers. We can always use additional moderators, if interested let me know.
Hope to hear from you real soon.


Best Regards,
George J. Jones, Jr.
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Same here, wonderful job you all are doing.
Hang in there. If I can be of any help let me know. I can't commit to anything long range, my profession just won't allow it.

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