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V is for Voltage DownLoad LIbrary
E-bike Law 16 CFR Part 1512 Requirements for Low-Speed Electric Bicycle 
Federal Ebike Law 
BugE™ Neighborhood
Electric Vehicle
BugE™ Owners Manual 
Click to enlarge. 
Ebike and Scooter
2007 IZIP Hybrid Electric Bicycle and Scooter Catalog
ALLTRAX Controllers ALLTRAX AXE Mini Manual Includes Installation Guide
ALLTRAX AXE Series Controller Operators Manual
ALLTRAX Controller 1204 Heatsink Mounting Drawing
ALLTRAX AXE Motor Controller Software for PC(Download in ZIP format)
ALLTRAX AXE Series Motor Control Wiring with Plug Brake
ALLTRAX Controllers for DC Series Motors
(Models AXE-2434 thru AXE-7245)
Sevcon Controllers Sevcon Controller Diagnostic Chart
Sevcon Espac AC Motor Controller
Sevcon Micropak MP0105en DC Controller
Sevcon Millipak MP0106en
Razor Scooters Owners Manual E100 E200 E300
Owners Manual E500s
Owners Manual Pocket Rocket
Owners Manual Dirt Rocket
Scooter Power Calulator(xls)
Renewable Energy
Article - Avoiding Passive Solar Design Blunders
Article - Cool Cities Guide (Solving Global Warming One City at a Time)
Article - Creating a Brighter Future
(Grid-tie Solar)
Article - Get Energy Smart
(Insulation Options)
Article - Intro to Hydropower
Article - Microhydro-Electric Systems Simplified
Article - Solar Future
Article - Solar Hot Water Simplified
Article - Solar Scooter Plans
Article - Solar-Electric Systems Simplified
Article - Used Electric Vehicles Buyers Guide
Article - VECTRIX Fuel Cell Hybrid
Article - Wind Turbine Buyers Guide
Article - Wind-Electric Systems Simplified
Article - Animation of how a Hybrid dual power system works
Battery Information
Link to more battery information - Smart Guage (Off site Link)
Automatic Series Battery Equalization 1997
Equalization of Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid Batteries
AA Portable Power Corp. MiMH - D10000 Cells Specifications Rev 3
LiFeBatt Cell Specifications (High Power Lithium Ion)
A123Systems ANR26650M1 Battery Specifications
(High Power Lithium Ion)
Techinal manual VRLA Batteries
(Gel and VGM)
B & B Battery Valve Regulated Lead-Acid Battery
(VRLA Battery)
B & B Lead Acid Battery EB12-12 Specifications
B & B Lead Acid Battery EB20-12 Specifications
B & B Lead Acid Battery EB50-12 Specifications
B & B Lead Acid Battery EVP12-12 Specifications
B & B Lead Acid Battery HR15-12 Specifications
CSB Lead Acid Battery EVH1272 Specifications
CSB Lead Acid Battery EVH12150 Specifications
Power Sonic Lead Acid Battery PS-1270 Specifications
Power Sonic Lead Acid Battery PS-12150 Specifications
Lead Acid Battery Desulfation Pulse Generator
Characteristics of Silicone Batteries
The virtues of Impedance Testing of Batteries
Thunder Sky Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Specification Sheet
Pihsiang Energy Technology Co. (LiFePO4) Specification Sheet
EVTAMERICA - Sealed Lead Acid Batteries Designed for the Z-20 and R-20 (6FM33D) Spec Sheet
Greensaver Silicon
Battery Information
SP12-12 Specification Sheetn
SP20-12 Specification Sheet
SP27-12 Specification Sheet
SP33-12 Specification Sheet
Battery Comparsion Chart
Battery Characteristics Sheet
Battery Application Sheet
BattEQ™, by SmartSpark
Energy Systems
BattEQ™ Charge Balancing for Battery Strings
BattEQ™ LA-50-12V-4 Installation Manual
BionX Manuals and Guides BionX Installation Guide
BionX Diagnostic Manual
BionX Custom Cable Measurments
BionX Users Guide
BionX Console Battery Reading Reset Instructions and Console Codes
Crystalyte Information Crystalyte Owners Manual
Crystalyte Hub Motor Kit Home Assembly Guide
Cycle Analyst (DrainBrain) Homepage for the Cycle Analyst (DrainBrain)
DrainBrain Manual 2006 - High Amp Version
DrainBrain Manual 2006 - Standard Version
DrainBrain Manual Version 2.0
EV Meter Information User Manual for Feigao Power Analyzer
Xantrex Link 10 Battery Monitor
"Watt's Up" Watt Meter and Power Analyzer User's Manual
Click to enlarge.
EV Global Motors Company E-Bike E-Bike ® Service Manual 36V MODELS
E-Bike ® Service Manual 24V MODELS
eGO Information eGO Owners Manual
eGO Quick Assembly Manual
eGO EU_Speedometer Manual
External Fast Charger Instructions
Extra Battery Pack Installation
Vectrix Information Vectrix User's Guide
Vectrix Zev Owner’s Manual (2008)
Software release NPBT0814 Rev 1 Issue (30 Oct 08)
E-Max Manuals and Diagrams e-max Circuit Diagram 1
e-max Circuit Diagram 2
e-max Circuit Diagram 3
e-max Circuit Diagram 4
e-max Complete Circuit Diagram
e-max Disassembling Assembling Manual
eMax Manual Index
e-max Trouble Shooting
Click to enlarge.
Schematics and Wiring
R-20 Electrical Wiring Diagram
R-20 Wiring Harness Diagram
R-20 Harness Wiring (XLS)
EV Wiring Schematic
EV Wiring Schematic with Regen System.
Contactor Double Reversing
Contactor Double Reversing Showing Current Flow
Contactor Wiring Schematic for Reversing PM Motors
Contactor Wiring Schematic for Reversing Series Motor
Dewalt DC9360 nanophosphate battery pack wiring diagram
IR2101(S)/IR2102(S) & (PbF) Data Sheet
EVT Manuals
and Information
EVT-4000e Specifications
EVT-4000e Maintenance Manual
EVT-Z20a and EVT-Z20b Specifications
LECTRA VR24 Information LECTRA VR24 (Model 1999)
LECTRA VR24 schematic1 page 1
LECTRA VR24 schematic1 page 2
LECTRA Wiring Details
DC to DC Converters Lucent JW030C1-M DC-DC Power Module Data Sheet (36vdc to 75vdc input @ 30-watts)
        Wiring Diagram - JW030C1-M DC-DC Power Module
Optibike Information Optibike 400 Specifications
Optibike 400t Specifications
Optibike 600t Specifications
Oxygen Information Oxygen LEPTON Owners Manual
Oxygen LEPTON Service Manual
Motor Manuals
and Diagrams
PMG 80 Motor Brochure
Topmotorx Manuals
and Diagrams
Topmotorx Specifications (ZP 1500/2000)
Topmotorx ZP 1500/2000 Owners Manual Service Record
Topmotorx ZP 1500/2000 Parts Breakdown
X-Treme Manuals
and Diagrams
(Donated by ArticFox)
X-10 Owner's Manual (Electric Scooter)
X-140 Owner's Manual (Electric Scooter)
X-150 Owner's Manual (Gas Moped)
X-151 Owner's Manual (Electric Watercraft)
X-250 Owner's Manual (Electric Scooter)
X-360 Owner's Manual (Electric Scooter)
X-500 Owner's Manual (Electric Scooter)
X-560 Owner's Manual (Electric Scooter)
XA-750 Owner's Manual (Electric ATV)
XG-470 Owner's Manual (Gas Scooter)
XG-499 Owner's Manual (Gas Scooter)
XG-505 Owner's Manual (Gas Scooter)
XG-550 Owner's Manual (Gas Scooter)
XG-560 Owner's Manual (Gas Scooter)
XM-500 Owner's Manual (Electric Bike)
XM-700 Owner's Manual (Electric Pocketbike)
XP-489 Owner's Manual (Gas Pocketbike)
XP-490 Owner's Manual (Gas Pocketbike)
XP-700 Owner's Manual (Electric Pocketbike)
XM-2000 Manuals
and Diagrams
Operation and Maintenance Instructions
Modifiying the XM-2000 Shift Mechanism (Dealer Prep Series) by USATracy
XM-2000 Motor Disassembly & Inspection (by USATracy)
XM-2000 Rear Wheel & Motor Removal (by USATracy)
XM-2000 Seat and Side Cover Removal (by USATracy)
Zapino Manuals
and Diagrams
Operation and Maintenance Instructions
V is for Voltage Avatars   
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