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V is for Voltage ( is one of the biggest and most heavily trafficked online forums specializing in electric vehicles, electric vehicle technology and related issues. This community is a valuable resource for facilitating the global shift to clean transportation. Together we are learning new ways to move our butts around town.

V is for Voltage is the principle member of a family of electric vehicle focused websites. You can read more about these websites at

Your support of this community will aid us all in shifting our societies towards clean transportation. Possible means of support include:-

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Your help in making V is for Voltage more visible directly helps this community grow larger, giving more opportunity to more people learn about electric vehicles. This is relatively simple.

If you participate in other forums, mention V is for Voltage (and make sure to use the URL: For example there may be a discussion on V is for Voltage that answers a question posed elsewhere. It is very useful to link to the page on V which answers that question.

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