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This site stems from a grass roots community of people using electric vehicles to get around town using electric vehicles. We teach each other how to live with electrified transportation. The site mission is education around use of electric vehicles with a goal of reducing or eliminating fossil fuel use. The community is designed for all forms of electric vehicles but in practice we tend to focus on the personal EV's. Electric bicycles, scooters and motorcycles. Advertising on this site is a way to sponsor the existence of the site and the education happening here, while giving this audience visibility to your organization.

The community has existed in its current form since November 2006 and was born from an earlier community site also named "V is for Voltage" which itself existed for several years before 2006. The community has well over 5000 registered users.

Traffic on the current site routinely bounces between 1500-2000-3000 visits per day. Note that's "visits" (as reported by Google Analytics), not page views and each visit routinely involves dozens of page views.

Our Target Advertisers

Sponsorship will be accepted by EV and Green Energy related businesses which include but are not limited to products and services dealing with Batteries, Battery Packs, Battery Monitoring and Management systems, Electric bicycle, scooter or motorcycle manufacturers or dealers, Electric Motors, Controllers, Parts Fabrication, Chargers, Repairs, Lightweight Replacement Parts, Wheels, Tires, etc.

Advertising Schedule as of April 9, 2010

There are two ad placements supported on this site. Ads can link either to your own website, or to an entry in the vendor directory which is controlled by you.

  1. a text link at the top just below the menus - ads in this premium position are shown on every page view
  2. a banner in the left sidebar - ads in the sidebar are shown to logged-out visitors, and disappear if the visitor logs in

Text links (at top): Static placement of up to three words (preferably business name) with a link to the page of your choice, placed at the top of the page just below the navigation menu. It will be seen on every page view. This is a premium location and it is designed to appear the same as the sponsors list on Cost is $20/month or $15/month in 6 month increments.

Left sidebar: Static Placement 125x125 pixel ad, visible on the V is for Voltage site, on the right-hand side of the screen, interspersed with the adsense placements as described in this table.

Above top adsense Below top adsense Below bottom-most adsense
$100 - 1 Month
$180 - 2 months ($90/mo)
$240 - 3 months ($80/mo)
$420 - 6 months ($70/mo)
$50 - 1 Month
$90 - 2 months ($45/mo)
$120 - 3 months ($40/mo)
$210 - 6 months ($35/mo)
$25 - 1 Month
$50 - 2 months ($25/mo)
$60 - 3 months ($20/mo)
$90 - 6 months ($15/mo)

The rate schedule is subject to change in the future. The current policy is that advertising is shown only to logged-out visitors and that advertising disappears once the member is logged in.

Currently we can accept paypal (hence credit cards), and checks cashable at a U.S. bank.


Traffic statistics are gathered using Google's Analytics service, with secondary statistics from Adsense.

Overall traffic from Jan 1-Dec 28, 2009. This is the number of 'visits' per day where Analytics declares a visit consists of a series of page views initiated by the same browser over a short period.


While the membership is heavily concentrated in North America, nearly 1/2 come from elsewhere. Time period is from Jan 1-Dec 28, 2009.


Time period is from Jan 1-Dec 28, 2009.


Placement policy

Does the ad location matter?

It's been observed after over a year of running adsense advertising that the upper adsense placement earns 3x the lower adsense placement. While its true that most of the pages are long meaning that visitors will scroll down most of the screen, it's also demonstrated true that the uppermost ads get more attention.

Ad Effectiveness

The content, colors and general composition of your advertisement has a major impact on how effective it will be in getting the attention of readers and bringing them to your site. We recommend advertising specific EV-related items and services and having the message very clear on the ad.

Changing Ad Graphics

You are welcome to send us a new image at any time. In order to save us from too much overhead, we do ask that you please keep the number of updates to your graphic under once per week, though.

Graphic Size

Your ad must be 125x125 but we do custom sizes that are taller than 125 pixels but still 125 pixels wide. Please use JPG, PNG or GIF as your file format. You may do animated GIFs but please limit your frame count to keep the file under 40KB.

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Support V is for Voltage

V is for Voltage ( is one of the biggest and most heavily trafficked online forums specializing in electric vehicles, electric vehicle technology and related issues. This community is a valuable resource for facilitating the global shift to clean transportation. Together we are learning new ways to move our butts around town.

V is for Voltage is the principle member of a family of electric vehicle focused websites. You can read more about these websites at

Your support of this community will aid us all in shifting our societies towards clean transportation. Possible means of support include:-

  • Participating in this website, making postings, making comments, etc
  • Linking to or promoting the V is for Voltage community
  • Monetary support either by making purchases through one of the vendors listed below, or by donating cash

Link to or promote V is for Voltage

Your help in making V is for Voltage more visible directly helps this community grow larger, giving more opportunity to more people learn about electric vehicles. This is relatively simple.

If you participate in other forums, mention V is for Voltage (and make sure to use the URL: For example there may be a discussion on V is for Voltage that answers a question posed elsewhere. It is very useful to link to the page on V which answers that question.

If you have a web site yourself please consider linking to V is for Voltage from your site. Sample link code is:-

<a href="">V is for Voltage is an online community specializing in electric vehicles, electric vehicle technology, and related issues</a>

Advertise on V is for Voltage

The V is for Voltage advertising program helps to support this site while making participating vendors visible to the membership.

Purchases through affiliate merchants

The following vendors are providing sponsorship of the V is for Voltage forum. Making purchases using the following links provides income which will fund the operations of this forum. Car parts and accessories for hybrid and alternative fueled vehicles

R Martin Limited - electric scooters and bicycles - batteries

JensonUSA - bicycle parts and accessories

ModernBIKE • Bicycle Parts and Accessories

Greenbatteries Store sells scooters both gas and electric

Safety Glasses USA

Robot Marketplace supplies parts to build robots which can also be used to build electric vehicles

Cost plus tools supplies automotive tools

Carbon Advice Group Plc provides services to measure carbon footprint, methods to reduce it as much as possible and to offset the carbon footprint that was left.

Better World Books .com

West Marine 10% off orders $100; use code AFFWEST sells a range of electrical parts that can be used in electric vehicles and are meant to be used in wet weather.

Join the National Bike Registry today to protect your bike

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