Entry for September 3, 2006
step one get a bike to start with this is a 1978 gs1000, the bike is in good shape and runs

next step, take out all the stuff not needed, if any one wants a 1978 gs1000 motor, pipes, tank, etc... let me know.

next step go shoping for parts: battery, motor, etc... pictured here is some trojan t105 6 volt battery, one of the best batteries for the price, if you have the room to fit 8 to 12 or more on your bike, however i think i will use the trojan t1275 12 volt club car battery, since this is a mid-size bike, i hope to make another larger bike, with t105s. if i can fit 16 of them on a bike with a trany that keeps the amps low, it should have a range of 350+ miles

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An excellent place to unload that GS drivetrain is The GS Resources

Looking forward to seeing more!

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