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While being an avid fan of this forum, one thing keeps bugging me and I thinks it hampers this forum is one simple button that can be found on most sophisticated boards and it is called:


It is very annoying having to look for what's a new post by having to scroll through the entire page to see the little yellow symbol that indicates a new post. I would like my page to show the original post on top, then there should be a (scripted) link which either leads me to the newest post (and another link after that particular post which leads be to the next newest post.

I can't help but think that the feeling of inactivity of this forum (and boredom while searching for the latter) would be alleviated greatly with an option like that.

Another great formatting tool would be: DO NOT SHOW POSTS I ALREADY READ

Thanks for all you do


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I think the tools you are looking for are already available on the forum. If you select "Resent" from the menu on top it will display a list of the most resent post for you. This list is sorted by date, last first. When you visit a post the system keeps track of it. Each time you go to the Resent page it will display all post with tags to both new post and new replies. If you click on the word "new" it will take you directly to the post or reply. This eliminates the need to search for the new in the posts. Here is a image to help.
As you can see there is a "new" for new post and a "new" for replies. When a new post is displayed the "new" tag will appear. Clicking on the post name will take you to that post. When a post is replied to then the "new" link will be displayed. Clicking on the new link will take you directly to the new reply. When you visit either a new post or a new reply the new tag or link, meaning new post or new reply, will no longer be displayed for that post. The system will automatically keep track of visited post for you. The remainder of the list will be post and replies you have already visited and you can just ignore them if you do not wish to return.

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As ChasS said, the Recent page is a godsend for the wants you're describing. I hit that page a dozen of times every day.

Also, I recently flipped a config option which implemented exactly what you asked for. It should be working as you said for all postings.

Finally, just let me say that "threaded" style comments is one style, and "linear" style comments is another style, and I think it's more in the eye of the beholder which is better. On the Drupal Forums they use the threaded style comments and the community there is perfectly happy with them, and make hundreds of postings every day. But in this group the clear preference is for the linear style comments, so here they are.

- David Heron,

I never understood the threaded style. This change sure will give a boost to the forum, I will start posting right away.

WhatI want is ONE BUTTON I push and it will search and display ONLY new posts and replies since the last time I hit that button. Everything else is hidden.

The only time I look at this board is when I've read all the new stuff on the other boards and even then I don't spend much time sifting through stuff here.

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Turn your gaze upwards, look further up the page, see the word "Recent"? (hint: you may have to scroll the browser window). Click on that. It should do what you want.

- David Herron,

Recent doesn't work that way it still shows me the old stuff.

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Ah, I see, you want it to be exactly the way it was on Sorry, this is not, the software is not the same as, and as the Buddha told us, the only thing you can count on is that things change from time to time.

'Recent' does tell you the stuff that's new since the last time you visited. It also tells you some other stuff.

Oh, and I always hated the way would tell you ONLY the stuff that had changed since the last time you visited. That always seemed so inconvenient ... what I wanted was the recent conversation but that's not what that site presented. Also one had to be very careful during a visit or your list of new postings would get lost.

- David Herron,

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I love the recent button.
If I get distracted (frequent) while I'm looking at "posts since last visit" and I have to leave, the next time I come back, the list is gone. It's easy enough to go down the recent list and see what's really recent to me.

The old had both features.

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Pardon double post:

Actually we have been working on just such a Poll for the last few weeks, we want to include some examples in it so Community Members can compare.
If there are any additional suggestions you would like to see in the Poll, please send them to feedback [at] and we will look into adding them.
I assure you we are listening to both our Community Members and Guest, and trying to address all concerns.
We are committed to doing everything possible to make your visit to as enjoyable as possible and appreciate any and all feedback.

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