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null.gif[b]Happy Anniversary![/b]

Today marks the 3-month anniversary of the V is for Voltage (.org) Forums website. In keeping with the growth of our site, we would like to invite our readers to become part of our newest element: V-News. A monthly newsletter to better serve our EV community.

The goal of our newsletter is to provide up-to-date and accurate information, a format for sharing and discussing the issues and concerns of EV owners and to provide a place where environmental issues can be examined and discussed. This newsletter is therefore dedicated to the encouragement, growth and development of our community of electric vehicle enthusiasts.

null.gifIn This Issue:

V is for Voltage Updates
Upcoming Events
Letters to/from the editor
Latest EV poll
Next month


Allow me to begin by giving out Kudos to Gman, Chas, David, and Max for the kind welcome to V is for Voltage Forums team and for the 90+ emails filled with enough information therein, to produce this newsletter.

Special thanks to Gman, Chas, David and Max for their diligence and outstanding work in pulling together this website. Great job. The addition of the tutorials (thanks Chas) will, I’m sure, prove most helpful to any new user or visitor that may want to submit copy, photos or videos to our site. Also a Bravo to Chas and Max for the many hours of work on the logo design and avatar that is distinctly V is for Voltage.

We give special thanks to some of our most active members of V is for Voltage Forums: PJD, Fechter, JDELUNA, NickF23, Wizard, knoxie, rgx, Sturdly, Patrick, GrooveConnection, mr_exon, dicanio2, decibel1, Andrew, masonsteele and davew. Thank you all, from the V is for Voltage Team, for your avid support and continued participation in the community.

I would also like to take this opportunity to show great appreciation and many thanks to our team of community volunteers whose hard work and dedication is evident as we celebrate our first quarter: Mij, Verna, Nick, Rolf, Mark, Jabari, George, Max, Chas, Oliver, David, David, Brooks and Larenzo.

null.gifV is for Voltage Updates:

As mentioned earlier, we have added the helpfulness of a tutorial that will help new comers and old hats navigate the site. Whether you want to add a new post, upload an image or insert an image in a post, these step by step instructions will make the task simple and absolutely painless. visforvoltage/tutorials/index.html

While you’re cruising the site, be sure and add yourself to the list of people, vendors, companies and organizations; on the Global EV Map. Give a shout out to other enthusiasts and marvel at the number of EV'ers already mapped. Check back each time you visit V is for Voltage and witness the growth of an EV nation!

And, definitely stop by our Members Vehicles and tell us about your ride, share a story, a photo, or both.

null.gifUpcoming Events:

V is for Voltage has no events schedules at this time. However, as Spring is right around the corner be sure to check back with us and watch for possible ride information, shows or races in upcoming issues. Also, be sure to let us know of any events that you know are happening in your area, so we can get that information posted.

null.gifLatest EV poll:

"Was the V is for Voltage Forums Tutorial helpful?" Let us know how we can further help you navigate on our site.

null.gifLetters to/from the editor:

The unique avatars that are used by the V is for Voltage Team is the brain child of Max. Max said that his intention was to have the symbol look like a unique thunderbolt The idea was to let the thunderbolt be a capital V and then mirror the image so as to create a nice frame around the name on the avatar. Lo and behold, his first avatars were born. However, after several days a few of the V is for Voltage members began asking him about the strange framework. He did take a bit of kidding from members who thought it looked evil, as in a horned devil; and, even Batman was mentioned! After a bit of explanation, this was enough to send Max back to the drawing board. With a simple cut between the mirrored images and the insertion of the capital V, Max had outdone himself and the present day avatar is the result. You can track Max's progress and posts by clicking By the way, Max is up for producing your personal V is for Voltage avatar.

As we begin our second quarter, the numbers say it all: the member list has grown to 144, 335 topics have been put on the table for discussion and these have generated over 1500 posts by the EV community. Well done! So, tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell your friend's neighbors that we are V is for Voltage Forums.

Now, as we continue in a forward direction, we'd like to hear from you. "What is your preferred future for the V is for Voltage Community?"

null.gifNext month:

Looks like we’re here to stay.

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