Neodymics New Electric Cyclemotor

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Typical range: 
10 to 20 miles
Top speed: 
27 Mph

Neodymics New Electric Cyclemotor includes several innovations which may be of interest to others developing electric bicycles.

Instant installation and removal allows use of your existing bicycle for longer and more otherwise strenuous trips.

A half-cross spoke pattern results in a strong 16 inch wheel using a standard rim and hub motor.

Battery hack circuitry incorporates unmodified DeWalt (A123) battery packs.

Neodymics site also includes a description of a new way to evaluate energetic performance of vehicles, comparing electric propulsion with all other means.

Patents has been applied for regarding the salient features enabling instant installation. We feel that, with aesthetic post engineering development, this product has excellent market potential.

Seating capacity: 
2 with Trail a Bike and a youngster. Can also tote saddle bags to carry chargers, books, or groceries.
Complete intrgrated drive with suspension, battery, control and quick release clamps to replace your front wheel in 30 seconds.
Crystalyte 406/409
Number of wheels: 
Crystalyte 72 V, 20 A
(4) Stock DeWalt DC9000, 36 volt, 1 hr charge
(4) Stock DeWalt DC9360, 72 Volts 4.4 AHr total for series parallel combination
Madison, WI
Miles as an EV: 
Curb weight: 
69 Lb
Conversion time and cost: 
Conversion time once built is 30 seconds. Cost to build was about $2K, excluding NRE.


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