Black Willy

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Typical range: 
30 miles
Top speed: 
25 mph

This is my daily ride. I love the convenience of auto assist. I also like being able to invoke regen mode to get a workout on my way home from work if I want it.

Seating capacity: 
Hub Motor
36V brushless
36V Lithium Ion
Longmont, CO
Miles as an EV: 
LED lights
Curb weight: 
68 lb
Conversion time and cost: 
1 day, $200 for bike (21 years ago), $1400 for kit

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Re: Black Willy

Nice Ride Dave!

Wow, that 30 mile range is impressive!
Do you have some DeWalts stashed in the saddle bags?
Can you tell us more about your battery setup?
... and all at 68 lbs ... guess those Lithium Ions may be worth their weight in gold.


Electric - Bridgestone MB-1 Mountain Bike

Re: Black Willy

The battery pack is the standard lithium setup. What I and others have discovered is the BionX range is very sensitive to how you use it. If you push the assistance level up to 4 and lolly gag along you can suck the battery dry pretty quickly. On the other hand if you leave the assistance level at 1 and pedal steadily it will give you at least 30 miles. Last Friday for instance I rode 6 miles for work, 10 miles for my haircut, and a buddy rode it 2 miles for coffee. (I taunted him when he was about to use his car for the same trip.) After 18 miles the battery meter still showed more than half. This was pretty much optimal conditions with no wind, warm day, and a flat road. On the other hand the week before I was late for my dance lesson (Yeah, dance lesson. You wanna piece of me? : - ), and I cranked it up to 3 and rode like a maniac. I managed to use up 1/3 of the battery in 6 miles. I was only 2 minutes late. (Since our instructor is 6' 4" and about 280lbs it is best to stay on his good side.)

I am totally sold on BionX. It is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up*. I am just hoping that A123 or some other technology will become mainstream enough to push the price down a bit.

Full time ebiker
BionX and Wilderness Energy

* - F. Bueller

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