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Makes batteries

Xinchi lithiumion battery Manufacture Co.,Ltd.

Xinchi lithiumion battery Manufacture Co.,Ltd. main products are as below:

LiFePO4 battery,
LiMn2O4 battery,
Li(NiCoMn)O2 battery,

which are widely used in
Electric Vehicle
Electric Bicycles
Industrial miner's lamp,
auxiliary power TOOL applications,
other industry and military fields, etc.
Our production equipments are imported from Japan and Canada, which are the most advanced equipment in this industrial.
All our cells are with CE, UL passed, our factory is ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001 certified. We have a strong R&D for support. We can provide various battery solutions for your products and I 'm sure we will not let you down.

Xinchi Photoelectricity Manufacture Co.,Ltd.
Cell: 0086-13230318484
Fax: 0086-335-6309638
Msn: travis-lee1981
Yahoo ID:

LiFePO4 Lithium iron battery manufacturer HIPOWER

HIPOWER is the LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron) battery factory in China.

As a pioneer in LiFePO4 battery field in China, we start production in 2004, and have 7 years export experience.
The complete varieties
Prismatic cells: 20AH~500AH
Cylindrical cells:8AH, 10AH
CE approval

HIPOWER LiFePO4 battery advantages:
No memory effect. Can stand high current
Lifespan 2000 times on 80%DOD
Small size. Light weight(1/4 of Lead-Acid battery)
Maintenance free. No explosion. No fire
Good performance in low/high temperature (-20 degree~+70 degree)
No toxicity, no heavy metal LEAD pollution

HIPOWER battery is widely used in energy storage such as UPS (uninterruptible power supply), emergency power system, solar/ wind power system, electric vehicles etc.

Best Regards,


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All Cell Tech

The company has developed a "customized thermal management solution" for "high power lithium-ion battery systems". They've developed a "phase change material" that sheaths cells. They say it protects against thermal runaway, and extends battery life.

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smart battery testing system

Neware Co.,Ltd located in Shenzhen,China. We primarily manufactures a complete range of battery testing systems for all the rechargeble battery as Li-ion, LiFePO4, Ni-MH,Ni-Cd,Lithium polymer battery
NEWARE is our registered brand. Neware testers are widely applied in battery testing fields such as electrode materials research,battery,large-scale battery formation,capability grading,battery internal resistance test,electrical vehicle battery test,etc…
We can customize the tester as customer's requirement from voltage 5V~500V,current 1mA~1000A

sigle cell tester pic:

battery tester.JPG data analyzing software interface
data analyzer.JPG

battery pack tester(meet large volate and current test need)

Equipment Comprehensive Performance

1.1Hardware Features
  a,According to the international standard design, each channel of the system has an independent constant-current source and constant-voltage source
  b,The internal electrical power supply uses the high efficiency switching power supply, the energy conservation effect is remarkable, each power tube has the independent protection circuit, guarantees the Equipment works with safety and reliability.
  c,Measure adopts four wire method, decrease contact error, increase measure precision.
  d,Each channel is independent;
  e,With high efficient cooling system, Equipment can work 24 hours with full load.
  f,Hardware adopts double loop control,can change from constant current to constant voltage without pinnacle,protect battery.

1.2Software Features
  a,Each channel can program and test independently, after any “stop”, (including power failure) the work step has “continue” function, prevents the current data loss
b,Upper machine is compatible, can suit different versions of lower machine, and has the friendly man-machine interaction contact surface, ease of operation.
  c,High speed data acquisition, catches the change detail of voltage and current precisely (16bit AD), with journal function.Formidable data and curve processing function; perfect report form function, supports four kind of report form types and sorts of report formats:
  d,Formidable data and curve processing function; perfect report form function, supports four kind of report form types and sorts of report formats:
  e,Sees namely the obtained report form: The data obviously derives.
  f,Conventional report form: Derives the entire NDA data file
  g,Lamination report form: The circulation level, the work step level, the record level data derives separately
  h,Definition report form: The user can define and derives the template of the report form
  i,The data and the curve may derive to EXCEL, TXT, can be edited and processed
Need more informaiton,visit our website
or mail (TEL:86-15814472201)

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LiFeTech Energy

LiFeTech Energy is a major manufacturer of high performance, premium quality LiFePO4 batteries and associated products. Information on LiFeTech products can be found by visiting our website at
LiFeTech Energy is an official licensee of Phostech Hydro-Quebec, Canada.

PortaPower (HK) Limited

PortaPower 2.jpg

PortaPower, founded in H.K. in 1992, is a reputable manufacturer and exporter of Li-ion, LiFePO4, Li-polymer rechargeable battery packs and related products with more than 18 years. The applications include E-bike, E-scooter, and Electric Vehicle. OEM/ODM projects are also welcome.

If you are interested, please kindly contact me:


Best Regards,
Chris Chan
Marketing Executive
Tel: (852)2687 6323
Fax: (852)2690 9915

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EIG Battery

A Korean maker of lithium-polymer cells and battery packs. The cells are constructed in a 'pouch' and they offer a very high discharge rate (10C-20C).

LiFeBATT Launches New 20Ah Prismatic Plug & Play Pack Line

LiFeBATT, Inc. was founded in August 2007 as a "C" corporation by Michelle Robinson and Don Harmon. Corporate offices are currently located in Danville, Virginia.

The company's mission is to manufacture, market, assemble, distribute and support advanced battery storage solutions to customers worldwide. LiFeBATT, Inc. currently markets advanced Lithium Iron Phosphate battery cells, integrated battery pack modules, battery management systems and peripheral equipment. The company manufactures their battery cells and components in Taiwan, assembles them into custom designed packs and adds an integrated digital battery management system. Using this new proven battery technology LiFeBATT addresses market needs in new creative ways.

The company is poised to grow rapidly as it focuses on new applications for light weight powerful batteries being developed for major customers in mature markets. They are revolutionizing existing products and providing product life extension in the marketplace. In summary, LiFeBATT’s approach is to design a battery solution specifically for each customer’s product application, in most cases working with the customer’s engineers. This process involves significant time invested by company management to understand the application and provide the customer with the optimum battery pack, controls and support. After years of doing just that LiFeBATT is ready to increase sales dramatically by assembling and delivering those battery products right here in the US.

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WGESO LiFePO4 Battery (3C Continue Discharge Current)

Thanks for your interest in WGESO Group !

We are a registered company (2005~2010) ,located in Songjiang of Shanghai . Our company mainly assembling solar panels and building small solar power station for family , In 2007~2009 , we cooperate with Shandong Hi-Power company developed a new generation of "Power-Type" LiFePO4 Cells, Test the batteries at standard conditions(15~35 degree / 30~80% RH), the maximum discharge current of 5C, a continuous discharge current of 3C . Now, these cells has been into mass production, Plan sell in February ,2010 .
"Customer first " "Quality first" are our purpose , Let Green , Environmental protection, Energy saving , into people's homes .

In 2009 ,we're founded the international foreign trade department

Our provides:
Solar pool panels, solar controller, solar inverter, solar modules, solar power plants and other products.

LiFePO4 Battery Pack, LiFePO4 Charger and BMS
And has passed CE, FCC, UL international certification. Has sold to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and other parts of the world.

WGESO (Shanghai) Trade Department.

Address : NO.76, Nanle Rd., Songjiang Dist., Shanghai

Email : /

Online Store :

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"Quallion, the leading Li-ion custom battery manufacturer... Quallion, LLC has the broadest and deepest understanding of lithium ion chemistry and has a long history as a primary and rechargeable cell battery manufacturer for use in the medical, military and aerospace industries."

They're so cool they have a flashy website full of fancy graphics - that doesn't work. Makes it hard to find out more when you click on a link and it does nothing.

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