Electric Motorcycle Parts

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Distributes parts for electric motorcycles or accessories.

PortaPower (HK) Limited

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PortaPower, founded in H.K. in 1992, is a reputable manufacturer and exporter of Li-ion, LiFePO4, Li-polymer rechargeable battery packs and related products with more than 18 years. The applications include E-bike, E-scooter, and Electric Vehicle. OEM/ODM projects are also welcome.

If you are interested, please kindly contact me: chris.chan@portapower.com.hk


Best Regards,
Chris Chan
Marketing Executive
Tel: (852)2687 6323
Fax: (852)2690 9915

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Thunderstruck Motors

An electric vehicle conversion shop and seller of parts for electric vehicles. The company is run by Brian Hall who has years upon years upon years of experience with electric vehicle conversion. They have a special expertise in race vehicles and motorcycles and of course race motorcycles.

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Electro Automotive

Offers training for automobile EV conversion, and parts or kits for EV conversion. The company was founded (and is still run by) Mike Brown, author of Convert It. This book is one of the seminal books of the hobbyist EV community. They have decades of experience with doing EV conversions, teaching the arts of EV conversion, and selling parts for EV conversion.

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Cloud Electric

Online seller of parts for EV conversion. They carry an excellent range of the required parts. Their focus includes automobiles, electrathon, bicycle, motorcycles.

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EV Parts

Excellent seller of parts for electric vehicle conversion. Major focus is on parts for golf cart upgrades and automobile conversion. They do carry parts for electrathon and bicycle conversion. They've been in this business for years.


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