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Electric Car Parts Battery chargers for EV

I found some switched mode chargers for EV use and listing them here. I already use Iota and Progressive Dynamics chargers for 48 volt and 12 volt use on my vehicles. They work so great on 144 volt vehicle use. The caps on input are 180 WVDC and are perfect for EV use.
http://www.cloudelectric.com/category_s/340.htm is for Cloud and http://www.evcomponents.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=CHWP-14408 is for EV Components. John Drake by the way has best prices for Iota and great support.

I have used Iota 48 volt chargers in three banks to charge my truck but using one charger is a lot better. Current is 8 amp now for water resistant charger vs 15 amp for each 48 volt pack of my 144 volt truck. The only drawback is charge times are doubled.

Battery Dealer or Distributor, Electric Car Parts ChargingChargers

They sell what looks like an excellent lead-acid battery charging and desulfation gizmos. The equipment tend to be American made and high quality. The battery chargers include units covering 12 volts to 72 volts and also multibank chargers.

The battery desulfators are the PulseTech units that are well thought of.

They say this about themselves: "We at ChargingChargers intend to deal only with quality equipment, appropriately suited to the client's application. We provide tutorials for additional information on the subject of DC power, to help with an informed decision, and have a tech line for further questions or application specific advice. If we don't have access to the appropriate charger/inverter/converter for your application, we will tell you what it is and where to get it, if we know."

Battery Management or Monitoring System , Electric Car Parts, Electric Motorcycle Parts Clean Power Auto LLC, MiniBMS etc

Primarily they sell the MiniBMS system - a battery management system for LiFePO4 cells. They carry a couple other parts for electric vehicle conversions.

They don't say where they're located, but it's clear they're in the U.S.

Battery Dealer or Distributor, Electric Bicycle Parts or Kits, Electric Car Parts, Electric Motorcycle Parts, Electric Scooter Parts Cloud Electric

Online seller of parts for EV conversion. They carry an excellent range of the required parts. Their focus includes automobiles, electrathon, bicycle, motorcycles.

Battery Dealer or Distributor, Battery Management or Monitoring System , Electric Car Parts, Electric Motorcycle Parts Current EV Tech

Based in Olympia WA, they sell a full range of parts and gizmos for electric vehicle conversion. This includes lithium-ion batteries, battery management, chargers, motors, controllers, various accessories, cabling, etc.

Battery Dealer or Distributor, Electric Bicycle Parts or Kits, Electric Car Parts, Electric Motorcycle Parts, Electric Scooter Parts Electric Motor Depot

Their "mission is to help decrease our dependency on carbon emitting fuels and increase the availability of the products that make this possible. Our custom Electric Conversion Kits are assembled specifically for small personal electric vehicles such as Motorcycles, ATV’s, Go Karts, Boats, etc. We bundle top quality electric vehicle parts in order to save you the time and hassle of piecing together random parts from several retailers. So help us become a bit more Eco friendly and have a great time doing it!"

They are based in Sacramento CA.

Electric Car Parts, Electric Motorcycle Parts Electro Automotive

Offers training for automobile EV conversion, and parts or kits for EV conversion. The company was founded (and is still run by) Mike Brown, author of Convert It. This book is one of the seminal books of the hobbyist EV community. They have decades of experience with doing EV conversions, teaching the arts of EV conversion, and selling parts for EV conversion.

Electric Car Parts EV Drive

Developers of “OEM quality” engineered, modular and scale-able all electric/hybrid electric drive systems and components for high performance conversions, Battery Electric (BEV) and/or Plug-in-Electric-Hybrid (PHEV) Vehicles, and to power new OEM vehicles, including commercial fleet vehicles.

The EVDrive-Train product series is a family of electric drive systems with exceptional performance sized from 65HP to over 1000HP targeted for OEM conversions in a wide variety of applications. Cars, motorcycles, vans, trucks, buses and RV’s can be converted to equal or better performance using our advanced Series Hybrid electric drive systems.


Electric Car Parts EV Instruments

Makes a dashboard unit suitable for electric vehicle conversions. MiMod provides real-time monitoring of individual batteries and control of practically all electric vehicle options and accessories. It has a touch screen displaying detailed status of each battery's condition, power consumption and charging in highly enhanced graphics.

They've got some video's on youtube:

Battery Dealer or Distributor, Electric Bicycle Parts or Kits, Electric Car Parts, Electric Motorcycle Parts, Electric Scooter Parts EV Parts

Excellent seller of parts for electric vehicle conversion. Major focus is on parts for golf cart upgrades and automobile conversion. They do carry parts for electrathon and bicycle conversion. They've been in this business for years.

Electric Car Parts EV Propulsion

They we have been doing electric car conversions since 1975. They carry a comprehensive range of parts for EV car conversions, and obviously have years of experience.

They carry NetGain's line of motors and other similarly high powered components.

Electric Car Parts EV Solutions

They sell a range of parts for car EV conversion. The motors they sell are from Netgain (Warp9, Impulse9, etc). They're focusing (it seems) on developing kits to convert Chevy S10 pickup trucks, but at the moment the kit isn't complete.

Electric Car Parts EV Source

Sells EV components "which we have proven to be of the highest quality in terms of performance, cost efficiency, and durability." Their component line focuses on DC motors, controllers, plus the batteries and management systems and contactors and whatnot to make a complete vehicle.

They are based in Logan Utah.

Electric Car Parts EV Works

Australia's widest range of components for electric vehicles, with an emphasis on quality products from respected brands, and offer a full complement of workshop services. They are located in Kewdale WA, Australia.

The parts they carry are suitable for converting cars and light trucks.

Electric Car Parts, Electric Motorcycle Parts Evolve Electrics

They "provide both the knowledge and EV parts necessary to convert your gas-guzzler into a full electric vehicle."

They provide a full line of components for electric car or electric motorcycle conversion. The motor/controllers they sell are DC.

They are based in Boulder Colorado.

Electric Car Parts Gem Car Parts & Up-Grades

This Park Brake switch is the factory switch that Gem/Polaris sells for $45.07 and I sell for $17.00 and it includes shipping to your door. Gem Part # 0306-00120

Small amount listed below and so much more on the website!

Check out our prices for Gem Car parts

Are you tired of paying the high prices for Gem/Polaris parts? Gem has been sold to Polaris and the price of parts has gone up 11% & more. You will find parts and prices that Polaris does not offer to you and nor will they at these PRICES! I have the same parts that Gem/Polaris sells for a whole lot less. Motor Controllers, 7.5 HP Motors, DC/DC Converters, Quick Charger and Differentials.
Parts at my price to you!
Gem/Polaris Price plus shipping My Price
0606-00421 DC/DC Converter $681.72 $410.00

0606-00678 Delta-Q Charger $579.70 + $200.00 core charge 1 yr warranty

New Quick Charger $550.00 & 3 yr warranty

7.5 HP Motor $750.00

Motor Controller $400.00 core charge without core $485.00 with core for T2,T3,T4 motor controller units. Only T2 controllers can be programmed to the up-grade of a 7.5 hp motor. All other motor controllers cannot be programmed for the up-grade.

0606-00277 T2 $930.00 plus shipping
0606-00410 T3 $890.00 plus shipping
0606-00628 T4 $890.00 plus shipping

0613-00582 Differential $885.00 $695.00
Differentials 10.35.1, 12.44.1 & 14.76.1 for the same price of $695.00
0613-00013 Half Shaft $245.68 1999 – 2004 $200.00
0613-00195 Inner Boot Kit $23.00 1999 - 2004 $19.00
0613-00196 Outer Boot Kit $23.00 1999 – 2004 $19.00

New Front Brake System for Gem Cars 1999 – 2004 Disc Brake System Kit This kit comes with everything you will need to change from shoes to disc and you will never have to change the front brakes ever again. $700.00 plus shipping.

Brake Drums for 1999 – 2004 $85.00 plus shipping
Brake Shoes for 1999 – 2004 $85.00 plus shipping Set of 4
Front Wheel Cylinders 1999 – 2004 $32.00 plus shipping
Rear Wheel Cylinders 1999 – 2004 $32.00 plus shipping
Brake Pads 2005-2012 $10.00 each Gem sells $15.95 each

To increase the speed to 40 mph on the gem cars. Change the motor to a 7.5 hp and change the tires to 14" aluminum rims & tires that factory and no spacers required.
0116-02479 14" Aluminum Rims & Tires Fits 4 pass & 2 pass el $950.00 shipped to you
0116-02480 14" Aluminum Rims & Tires Fits 6 pass & 2 pass elxd $950.00 shipped to you. Plus add the 7.5 hp motor for $785.00 shipped to you and get ready to go 40 mph.

Email me your questions on other parts you are looking for and I will email you back the prices of what it will cost you. I can send you a paypal invoice on any of the parts listed above at those great prices!

Electric Car Parts KTA Services

KTA was begun over 24 years ago by Ken Koch to supply parts and advice for EV car conversions. In 2008 they came under new ownership and have greatly expanded their product line.

KTA Services basically is an EV components business who also does applications engineering for our customers and potential new clients. They carry an extensive selection of parts and conversion kits. They are located in Ramona, CA.

Battery Dealer or Distributor, Battery Management or Monitoring System , Battery Manufacturer, Electric Bicycle Parts or Kits, Electric Car Parts, Electric Motorcycle Parts, Electric Scooter Parts, Plugin-Hybrid Parts LiFeTech Energy

LiFeTech Energy is a major manufacturer of high performance, premium quality LiFePO4 batteries and associated products. Information on LiFeTech products can be found by visiting our website at www.lifetechlithium.com
LiFeTech Energy is an official licensee of Phostech Hydro-Quebec, Canada.

Electric Car Parts Metric Mind

Sells a range of high end electric vehicle parts. Their products are largely AC motors and inverters with power levels sufficient for high speed EV's. They also carry high power DC-DC converters and other important equipment.

Electric Car Parts, Electric Motorcycle Parts, Electric Scooter Parts Motenergy (formerly Mars Electric)

Motenergy designs a line of electric motors for various purposes. They have been in business for over 13 years, originally as Mars Electric and now as Motenergy.

Their basic design is the pancake style originally developed by Cedric Lynch.

The motors are primarily suitable for motorcycles and other modest size machines. They also sell the motors packaged in an outboard motor shell for motorboats.

Electric Car Parts PortaPower (HK) Limited

PortaPower 2.jpg

PortaPower, founded in H.K. in 1992, is a reputable manufacturer and exporter of Li-ion, LiFePO4, Li-polymer rechargeable battery packs and related products with more than 18 years. The applications include E-bike, E-scooter, and Electric Vehicle. OEM/ODM projects are also welcome.

If you are interested, please kindly contact me: chris.chan@portapower.com.hk


Best Regards,
Chris Chan
Marketing Executive
Tel: (852)2687 6323
Fax: (852)2690 9915

Electric Car Parts Recharge Car System

They sell an "EV Management System" primarily for conversion electric vehicles. It is a modular system of gizmos which are useful in a conversion EV for information display or system control. The current product line includes an RPM sensor and an amperage sensor.


Electric Car Parts SPX Home Charger Installation - Voltec Charger systems

SPX has been chosen by Chevrolet as the preferred partner for home charging support to Chevrolet Volt customers. SPX has supported important Chevrolet programs and initiatives for nearly 100 years, and our proven track record in providing outstanding quality and customer support made us the logical choice to support the Volt … one of the most significant product launches in automotive history.

As Chevrolet's partner, SPX will provide complete turn-key, end-to-end-support to Volt owners as you explore your home charging options. Whether it's upgrading to a fast, consistent 240V charging capability, or participating in available home charging incentive programs, we are here to support you.

SPX will ensure that Volt owners understand their home charging options, and then will complete customer charge station orders and installations with world class service and support.



Electric Car Parts Submeter Solutions - source for electric metering equipment, other stuff, including EV Charging Stations
Electric Car Parts supply parts for electric car

we are Anhui Ligoo New Energy Technology Co.Limited

we are the most profesional manufacturer of Battery Management System.

to work with you,you can get high quality products,excellent customer service, fast delivery and most competitive price.

besides BMSS,we also offer other related products such as lifepo4 batteries,chargers,converters,motor and controller and so on.

our application is very wide:electric bikes,scooters,car,truck,bus and so on.

please feel free to contact Mandy

skype: sales.evparts

Battery Dealer or Distributor, Battery Management or Monitoring System , Electric Car Conversion, Electric Car Parts, Electric Car Repair or Customization, Electric Truck Distributor or Manufacturer, Electric Vehicle Training The Electric Car Company of Utah

The Electric Car Company of Utah (www.evequipmentsupply.com) offers:

A 3-day EV conversion course
Converted EV Ford Rangers for sale
Service to convert your vehicle to electric
All the components needed to convert an EV
Premium Lithium-ion Phosphate batteries
A superior charger/BMS system to maintain your batteries

Please visit our webstore to learn more about our products and services. Thanks!

Electric Car Parts, Electric Motorcycle Parts ThinGap electric motor designers

All ThinGap Rotors are made up of outer and inner rotating irons to remove the necessity for magnetic attraction between the Rotor and Stator, dramatically increasing the smoothness of the motor. This Rotor design also allows designers wide latitude in attachments for power take-off; shafts of almost any design on one or both ends, weldments, screws, etc. can all be used.

All ThinGap Stators are constructed of etched copper sheets, laminated with insulating layers. This construction creates a rigid coil with a very high degree of consistency from motor to motor. Axial length, copper pattern and connections are used to create different torque and speed properties. There is no magnetic saturation, meaning that the torque limit is directly related to the ability to cool the motor.

The ThinGap Embedded Motor design provides exceptional cooling, allowing the motor to be driven hard at high currents result is a line of very smooth motors with very high power to weight ratios. In fact, on many models, continuous torque increases with rpm due to the cooling effect of the Rotor and the lack of iron in the Stator. Contact ThinGap for more details on this phenomenon.


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