GM's official Chevy Volt website now available

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GM's official Chevy Volt website now available - Filed under: , AutoblogGreen has been bringing you all the news we can find on the Chevy Volt. But, if you're the type of person who likes to get your news directly from the source, we won't fell too bad if you spend a few minutes over at the official GM website section on the Volt. While I'm sure there will be lots of good stuff revealed on the site as we move from concept to production (hopefully), the site offers a pretty basic - and coy - overview of the Volt's capabilities right now and GM's greener side.Why coy? Check out this line: "Concept Chevy Volt is just another way Chevy is working to bring you drivable and practical vehicles that help decrease our dependence on petroleum and reduce greenhouse gas emissions." Yeah, GM's really been a leader in the green car movement. I grant that GM has done some good, environmentally-friendly thing in the past. And I'm all for PHEVs and the cleaner future cars like the Volt will bring us in the future, but let's not smudge over the past here, K?There is one thing about the Volt I'm going to need more information on. GM's website says: "You'll also enjoy ... new convenience features allowing you to charge certain small electronic devices without plugging them in." (Emphasis added) How, exactly, is this supposed to work?[Source: GM] Read | Permalink | Email this | Linking Blogs | CommentsBOLD MOVES: THE FUTURE OF FORD Step behind the curtain at Ford Motor. Experience the documentary first-hand. [EV's @ AutoBlogGreen]

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Real deal or more BS?

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Please stop by the V Refuge for the latest news about the V is for Voltage Recovery effort and status.

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I heard on one of the podcasts I listened to this evening - that the battery for the Volt doesn't even "exist" yet. er.....

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