Zap! about to join Tesla with Lotus-designed electric cars?

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Zap! about to join Tesla with Lotus-designed electric cars? - Filed under: , While there is already one Lotus-designed all-electric car making headlines, the Tesla Roadster, perhaps it's time to get spoiled. We might soon find out what Lotus can do for electric car company Zap!, which currently operates in the NEV market. An exterior redesign does not automatically come with dramatic changes under the hood, but NEVs might evolve far beyond their current boxy or too-futuristic looks if this arrangement works out. The details of the deal are that Lotus Engineering is working on a feasibility study for Zap! to develop "a number" of new electric cars. The idea is to integrate major components, like new motor designs, controllers, batteries and charging systems to build a stylish EV with maximum consumer appeal. Lotus technical centers in Hethel, UK, Ann Arbor, Michigan, and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, will be involved in the study.I'm not sure how this relates to the news from Obvio! (of Brazil) late last month that it had picked Lotus Engineering to help develop two new microsports cars. Obvio!'s distribution partner in North America is Zap! We'll try and find out.Related:

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