Chapter Three: Test fitting the motor mount

What's the brown leather belt for? Multiple choice test later in this entry.

Did my initial test fit of the motor mount and as expected the odd frame geometry is supplying more challenges.

A quick list of issues follows:

I. Down tube angle does not match angle of motor mount.

II. Supplied 2 inch round u clamp is not appropriate for this application.
A. Oval down tube is 2.25 x 1.25 inches = u bolt too short and too wide.
B. Round contact surfaces not a close enough match to distribute the clamping force allowing tube damage.

III. Starting a 3.5 " bolt in the kick stand sandwich is near impossible due to derailer/ fender clearance.

IV. The motor mount must be cut or mounted farther forward than designed for.
A. Forward mounting would be best as I may want to transfer the mount to a regular frame in the future.
1. Forward mounting also gives more leeway in alignment due to added chain length.
a. Added required chain length means the supplied drive chain will not fit, it's just too short.

V. The kick stand mounting slot on the bracket is off center to align with a stock frame kick stand mounting tab. I need a slot in the center of the bracket to match up with my Esge stand and allow it to clear the rear tire and not stick out so far as to interfere with the crank arm.

I am slowly working these issues and hunting down appropriate components from some interesting sources, especially a replacement for the u clamp.

The holidays and some domocile damage from that nasty wind storm that blew through the Pacific Northwest last night are reducing the amount of time I can dedicate to the project currently. So bear with me as I plod through this. Like I said I am shooting for a Spring completion including debug and upgrades.

As a side note I have been in contact with Allan and am happy to announce that he will be contributing to this blog as I progress. He will add some comments related to his thinking when designing this product and keep us informed of planned upgrades and needed improvements.

I'll continue to give my accounting of the installation on this odd ball frame and won't pull any punches delivering an honest accounting warts and all.

As for that brown belt, multiple choice question.

What did I buy it for?

1. I'll be using it to hang myself if this doesn't work out.
2. I've lost so much weight I needed a new one.
3. Leather would make a great frame protecting surface under any clamps and my bike is brown or better known by it's official Ford color name "Dirt".

before comments


Once again hello

In this blog Rick has hit on an issue that is being addressed but still not completely solved to my satisfaction. Read on.

1. Not sure about tube angles. I thought that was pretty much a constant. Obviously still more to learn. A main point here is coming back to one of the design criteria and that was trying to 'satisfy' most bikes. Timje will see if this has occurred. Rick I would love to see some pics if possible my friend :):)

II. THE PROBLEM. I had to make a decision to 'standardise' design to fit round tubes of approx 2" diameter. The mount slots were elongated to accomodate from 1 7/8" to about 2 1/4". But the clamp supplied is a 2" clamp, an average. The clamp is a standard exhaust clamp and was chosen because it was off the shelf and has various sizes spaced 1/8" apart. But when we come to ellipitical tubes there is a problem if the are elongated top to bottom. As Rick has highlighted the clamp becomes too short and there is potential to damage the tube as there is a higher focus stress point at the top. I have advised people with this type of frame that the kit is not suited.
The first step to solving this problem is that we are now (Jan) going to provide a load spreader. This is still a problem as I need to still accomodate different tube diameters. Also it still focuses mainly on round tubes. I want to accomodate elliptical tubes also but may have to accept defeat here and aim for only 85% of bikes. Not sure here, any help would be great as I am now in a better position to have components tailor made.

Rick I would really love some pics on items 3, 4 and 5 to assist with feedback and more importantly try and address for further improvements.

Like the Brown belt :) I was looking to use medium denisty 1/8" rubber sheet on spreader.

Very glad to have all the warts, I have heaps of wart remover :)
The more advice I can get from the pros the better and quicker the improvements. eLation is HERE TO STAY. hehe

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