Chapter Four: Head scratching and solutions

It has certainly been a memorable week or so. Hurricane type windstorm, the holidays and an ultra busy time at work. All have limited the time I could devote to the project at hand. Then again stepping away for a bit allowed me to get a fresh perspective and whittle away at the issues list.

Check out my proposed solutions,

A quick list of issues follows:

I. Down tube angle does not match angle of motor mount.

Solution: add a .25 inch spacer between motor mount and chain stays. This spaces the mount and allows attachment without bending the bracket.

II. Supplied 2 inch round u clamp is not appropriate for this application.
A. Oval down tube is 2.25 x 1.25 inches = u bolt too short and too wide.
B. Round contact surfaces not a close enough match to distribute the clamping force allowing tube damage.

Solution: I have found a V saddle clamp at a radio antenna supply house that will fit the frame down tube and spread the load to four points. I will now have to increase the size of at least one of the slots in the motor mount to accommodate the smaller clamp, DXE-CAVS-1P. See it at DX Engineering

III. Starting a 3.5 " bolt in the kick stand sandwich is near impossible due to derailer/ fender clearance.

Temporary solution: Move derailer mount further up the seat tube until the bolt is started.

Long term solution: Install a stud in the kick stand and only have to start a nut in the tight space. I can always use the old rubber hose trick to do this if my fingers can't do the job. Rubber hose trick is to put the nut in the end of an appropriately size hose or spark plug boot and use is as a combination extension and universal joint. Start and tighten the nut as much as possible, then pull off the boot or rubber hose. Finish tightening with the appropriate wrench.

IV. The motor mount must be cut or mounted farther forward than designed for.
A. Forward mounting would be best as I may want to transfer the mount to a regular frame in the future.
1. Forward mounting also gives more leeway in alignment due to added chain length.
a. Added required chain length means the supplied drive chain will not fit, it's just too short.

Solution: Using the spacer I can install the mount to full forward position and no cutting. This will of course mean chain adjustment will have to be made mostly by adding full or half links.

V. The kick stand mounting slot on the bracket is off center to align with a stock frame kick stand mounting tab. I need a slot in the center of the bracket to match up with my Esge stand and allow it to clear the rear tire and not stick out so far as to interfere with the crank arm.

Solution: Drill a hole in the center of the bracket making the slot L shaped. Since I am planning on adjusting the drive chain mostly by adding links enlarging the entire slot will not be necessary.

As I stated when first starting, I don't have access to a machine shop so all of my motor mount modifications will be made with a hand electric drill motor and/or file. I this proves unsatisfactory the purchase of a cheapo electric die grinder will be in order.

In the mean time I'll get some pictures processed, ( not in possession of a digital camera yet ) posted and collect the necessary stuff to move on to the mount installation. This will include ordering the clamp from DX Engineering so it will be a bit. Plenty of time to drill and file on the mount.

Chapter V will be my pictures mostly, if I can get them to post. If not Board Moderator has offered an assist so it will get done. I took a roll already but got a bit carried away with the side lighting, back drops and shadow effects. In other words they stunk, I'll do it again, hopefully right this time.

As always any comments are quite welcome. :)

Happy New Year a bit early.

before comments

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