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Cargo Bicycles

  • Velocab Velocab is a flexible three wheel bicycle platform which can serve as a rickshaw, carbo bicycle, portable cook kitchen, and more. It's made in Germany and appears to only be available in Europe.
  • - These extended frame bicycles can carry both cargo and kids on the back of the bicycle.
  • - Publishes a wide variety of plans for custom built bicycles, cargo bikes, and recumbents
  • Freight bicycles, carrier cycles, freight tricycles or cargo bikes are human powered vehicles designed and constructed specifically for transporting large loads. Vehicle designs usually include a cargo handling area consisting of a steel tube carrier, an open or enclosed box (cabinet), a flat platform, or a wire bracket basket. These are usually mounted over one or both wheels, low behind the front wheel, or between parallel wheels at either the front or rear of the vehicle. The frame and drivetrain must be constructed to handle loads several times that of an ordinary bicycle. Other specific design considerations include operator visibility and load suspension.
  • A line of cargo trailers for bicycles.
  • Bike Trailer Shop A store specializing in trailers for bicycles and other ways to carry cargo with a bicycle.
  • Bicycle cargo trailer--200 lb capacity, $30 for parts
  • Wike Bicycle Trailers Makers of a line of bicycle cargo trailers.
  • Tony's Trailers Supposed to be the widest selection of bicycle cargo trailers anywhere.
  • Quik-Pak bicycle cargo trailers The lightest full sized, full featured bicycle cargo trailer available!
  • CycleTote trailers are acknowledged for superior performance and safety. They look different because they are. The following will illustrate some of the differences and how they could be of importance to you and your family. The CycleTote trailer is a serious match for the road and the equal of any bicycle. It is a finely tuned machine that delivers a superb combination of pulling ease, sweet trailing and ground-hugging stability – a difference that you can actually feel the moment you begin to pull one.
  • Christiana Bikes Maker of a range of bicycle cargo trailers.
  • Chariot Carriers They make a range of bicycle trailers for carrying cargo or children.
  • CETMAracks CETMAracks are built of steel and made for daily abuse. They were originally conceived and designed by messengers for real-life courier-work and utility. CETMAracks are continually tested by messengers nation-wide who use them for work.
  • Burley Design bicycle trailers Burley Design makes a line of trailers for bicycles meant for cargo, children and pets.
  • BOB Bike Cargo TrailersA line of very well made cargo trailers for use with bicycles.
  • Blue Sky Cycle Carts Blue Sky Cycle Carts has been making quality bicycle trailers for over 20 years. We offer carts set up to carry cargo, children, and dogs. We have carts for bicycle touring, triplets and quadruplets, and two different models specifically designed for older special needs children.
  • Bikes At Work Bikes At Work manufactures a broad line of utilitarian human-powered transportation products including heavy-duty cargo bicycle trailers and custom cargo bikes while continuing to provide a mix of human-powered services to our community. This mix of products and services allows us both to test, refine, and develop our equipment while providing a positive example of what can be done using human power alone.
  • Bikes and Trailers Bikes and Trailers carries a range of bicycles and cargo trailers making for more useful bicycling.
  • BicycleR Evolution BicycleR Evolution makes a range of cargo trailers for bicycles.
  • Carry Freedom Bicycle Trailers Carry Freedom makes a range of trailers for bicycles allowing you to haul cargo on a bicycle.
  • Bilenky Cycle Works Bilenky Cycle Works is a custom bicycle maker many of their frames are cargo bicycles.
  • Utility Bicycles Bikefix is a bicycle shop in England, including utility bicycles of several kinds.
  • Bamboo bicycle Trailer Plans to construct your own bicycle trailer from bamboo. It looks very simple and straightforward to build and they claim it will carry up to 250kg.
  • The Bakfiets Cargobike A blog specializing in bicycles meant for carrying cargo.

Recumbent bicycles

  • Lightning Cycle Dynamics Who is Lightning Cycle Dynamics? We build race-proven recumbent bicycles, and are the only recumbent company to set world records with a production bike (our P-38 model with optional F-40 fairing). Lightning recumbents have travelled from Los Angeles to New York in 5 days, won the Abbot, Paul Mitchell, and STP Challenge Prizes, and have set over 20 world records. In addition to being fast, the modern integrated Lightning design delivers a bicycle that is also much more comfortable, safer and faster than ordinary "upright" designs.
  • Volae Recumbent Bicycles A maker of a line of recumbent bicycles.
  • Recumbent Bike Riders Recumbent bike and trike dealer in State College PA, with extensive information on their site.
  • Rans Bikes Maker of a wide range of recumbent bicycles and "crank forward" bicycles. The crank forward models follow some recumbent principles in that the pedals are very far forward, but do not have the seat back and other attributes of recumbent bicycles.
  • HP Velotechnik
  • Bicycle Man Recumbents
  • Bent Up Cycles Recumbent bicycle dealer in the Los Angeles area (Van Nuys). Also carries an extensive set of accessories such as trailers etc.
  • Bacchetta Bike Company
  • flevobike Maker of a line of recumbent bicycles and accessories including trailers.
  • Cruzbike Maker of a line of recumbent bicycles incorporating a front wheel drive system. The pedals and chain drive are arranged to drive the front wheel.
  • Maker of a large range of recumbent bicycles and recumbent trikes.
  • - US Based designer and maker of recumbent trikes. They offer a range of trikes for road, speed, expiditions, and more.
  • Extensive information site regarding recumbent bicycles, including buyers guides, forums, resource lists and more.
  • - Online magazine of sorts covering recumbent bicycling.

Recumbent Trikes

  • Sidewinder Cycle The mission of Sidewinder Cycle Inc. is to provide vehicles designed for quality, comfort, and pleasure for enhancing the journey to fit living. Vision: to inspire healthy living and enhanced fitness with quality machines built for durability, comfort, and pleasure. Slogan: "Bent for Health”! Our values support production of quality sporting machines that get people “cruisin’ for healthy living, superior customer interaction, competitive pricing and community development.
  • Terra Trike Maker of a wide range of recumbent trikes. WizWheelz is committed to producing the most innovative, comfortable and earth friendly human powered vehicles in the world; The TerraTrike. We try to give back more than we take from the planet and humanity in general.
  • World renowned (according to them) manufacturer of recumbent trikes.


  • Dutch Speed Bicycles A Netherlands (Dutch) based maker of a velomobile design available as a kit. The outer skin is aluminum, and the bicycle is a reverse trike design.
  • VelomobileUSA Velomobile distributor in the USA. The Paterek Manual for Bicycle Framebuilders - Supposedly the ultimate book related to building bicycle frames.

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