ebike commuting again

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ebike commuting again
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Hello, I haven't been ebiking since October, around when the time changed. I found that I really, really didn't enjoy riding in the dark. Now that time has changed, and there is light for others to see me by, I got the motivation to get my ebike fixed, and ride to work. I gave up riding at the last rear flat. And the time was dark in the am. And, also, on that same day, I received my first batch of green manna food. I enjoyed the good feeling to the body and mind derived from pedaling creating increased oxygenation of my organic system. So the green manna did the same thing in a larger degree. So I got the bike running. It's such a nice ride to just make your own path, and to be able to go very fast, in absolute silence. So I rode for a few days, and then another rear flat. My marginal batteries had been sitting for 5 months, no charge, no discharge. I just got on and went 5 months later after last charge. Ok, I let charge for an hour before I left. The batteries made it. 5 miles. I did not very much keep the throttle nailed like I used to. Just putt along, and pretend I am riding a bicycle. I really would not consider making an ebike without nice plush suspension and brakes. andpedal at 30mph+. Yes I always pedal for seamless integration of pedal and electric. But I have to watch my speed around cops, as 30mph lokks a bit wrong with my leisurely pedaling. I just love this bike. It fits me so very comfortable. I have a right side half twist throttle. My shifter on right side, I fiked down the lever, so I can shift. It still binds up some, but is usable. I enjoy having the hubmotor power rather than going through the sprockets. There are no worries about wear, breakage, proper shifting, etc. One day, when leaving work, I just popped it up in 2nd or 3rd and just rode a wheelie across the parking lot, as the secretary walked across the parking lot. And her jaw dropped. I toss my man purse and excess clothing into the front merida basket wire-tied on. Tweel. Did you see it on science channel? That's the way to make a wheel/tire solution. I think that would work well for a bike maybe. I figured I would need new batteries. I have b&b hr9-12v (4) and hr9=6v (4). with 36/72v switch. 36lb battery. I'll likely get 36v x 2 5ah nicad battery when this one wears out (www.ebikes.ca). And that will cost over $300 now with charger and shipping. I guess that's pretty cheap for 72v ebike power supply.I'd like bigger capacity, but even the nicad. Maybe I can find a better rear ballon flat proof tire. Because a rear flat is a major job. Still, the ebike experience is like a secret space of freedom. It is hidden from view of most people, yet it is here, right in my reach. My only other question is if I can get closer to 100v, then with my 3phase controller, can I power a household appliance? With 3phase can I make higher voltage (200v) by wiring like household stove on 2 120v lines?? So when power goes out...???


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Re: ebike commuting again

Thats a nice looking ride. Can you give us some Specs like motor/controller combo. I really like the rear suspension setup but I just couldn't figure out where to put thre batteries. You look like you found the right spot. What did you use to cover them? Thanks


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