EV Warrior bikes or Liberty Electric bikes

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johny b
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EV Warrior bikes or Liberty Electric bikes

Has anybody have any experience with either of these two bikes? From what I understand the EV Warrior bikes are no longer made. The Liberty Electric mountain bike appears to be a China clone of some kind. I was thinking about buying one of these two from ebay for summer fun.

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Re: EV Warrior bikes or Liberty Electric bikes

`johny b.

I ran across Liberty Electric Bike located in Knoxville, PA last year by accident.
On paper they looked like something to keep a eye on. Since it's hard to believe anything you read on the net about any EV, I did some research on them.
They seem to be manufactured by the Jiangxi Hongdu Voyage Industry Group Changzhou Hongdu E-bicycle Co.,Ltd. which I was told "also manufacturers jet aircraft so they probably maintain a high degree of integrity and quality control".
Jiangxi Hongdu Aviation Industrial Shareholding Co., Ltd. has no mention of Jiangxi Hongdu Voyage Industry Group Changzhou Hongdu E-bicycle Co.,Ltd. on it's site, so I don't know if they are connected or not.
HONGDU Voyage Industry Group LTD. is a huge backbone enterprise subordinated to China Voyage Industry Corporation II and one of the 512 enterprises specially supported by the central government. In recent years, under the policy of Taking Voyage Products as a Basis, Developing Civil Products in Large Scale, Engaging in Diversified Economy and Speeding up Development, HONGDU has developed new-types of basic trainer and agricultural aircraft with modern international level, developed by investment and co-operation the civilian industry such as motorcycles, projectile weaving machines, sport exercisers, paper-making machines, mopeds and electric bicycles, golf carts, electric power equipment, coating and decoration equipment and building equipment, and cultivated a number of new economic growth points and achieved enterprise diversification. By the end of 1999, HONGDU has total assets of 2,800 million Yuan. HONGDU enjoys all favorable conditions of the high-tech zone, and has the right of import and export. Our bank credit grade is AAA.
Changzhou Hongdu E-bicycle Co. Ltd. is a modernized share-issuing enterprise set up with the approval of China Voyage Industry Corporation II. Relying on the rich technological advantage of China Voyage Industry Corporation II and remarkable talent, Changzhou Hongdu E-bicycle Co. Ltd. has build up a production bastion whose outputs is 150,000 E-bicycles per-year. We are committed to manufacture high quality electric bicycles at reasonable prices. Our sales turnover reached USD18,000,000 in 2004.

If you order enough, they will put any name you want on it. Last year Liberty Electric Bike had a very limited product line, now they seem to have more. Liberty Electric Bike seems to be connected to Liberty Seamless Enterprises, Inc. which seems to be owned by Liberty Seamless Enterprises, founded by President Kurt R. Heisey who had a seamless gutter company and is also active in his church, having founded Valley Christian Church in 1989, and continues as the Founding Pastor of those that worship there.
So you could assume the owner may be somewhat reliable and truthful, notice I said assume. One important thing is there does seem to be a real person, and a Brick and Motor location.
They seem to be promoting there product on College Campuses and in Kissimmee, Fl through a Destiny Ministries and another location there.
Since most complaints seem to be about the EV Vendors, that may not be the case here,
The warranty on the Liberty 36 volt Electric Mountain Bike listed on eBay is suppose to be 3 months on electronics, 6 months on motor, 2 years on frame. A 2 year warranty on the frame seems to indicate it's probably built pretty good.
For some reason there is no warranty information listed on eBay, so that should be a big concern.

443 Mountain Bike

When you look at features, there are a variety of things to consider. One of the first features will be safety. This is where our 443 mountain bike shines. You love that your electric motor will power you up the hill, but what about safety when you are hurling down that mountain?
When you are going down that steep slow, you want to have full control of your bike and no regular bike brakes like on cheaper models with work for you. We know this! This is why our 443 mountain bike comes with our front and rear disk break systems. These give you optimum breaking ability for those steep hills.

You know that one of the hardest workouts in mountain biking is not just your legs, but your seat! This is why we have the built-in shock absorber that takes the pounding so your blessed seat does not have to. We know that this is one feature you will be thanking us for!

This bike not only has a front headlight, but for safety it has the rear light as well. We know that you don't always ride this on a mountain. When you are along a road, you want a bright tail light to warm upcoming traffice of your presence. With your powerful Lead-acid or Ni-Mh battery, you don't have to worry about being seen!

We offer three options in this Mt. Bike. You can choose it with a powerful, yet compact 36V 8 AH with the standard lead/acid battery and with the more expensive, yet lighter, longer-life Ni-MH battery back. The Premium is the lightweight powerful Litium ion battery pack. Ni/MH batteries have about 40% longer life (500 - 550 charges) than the lead/acid batteries (300- 400 charges).
Lead/Acid 300-400 charges 22 lbs. (10kg)
Ni/MH 500-550 charges 13.2 lbs. (6 kg)
Li/Ion 500-550 charges 8 lbs. (4 kg)
(Litium Ion Battery comes with Aluminum Alloy Frame)

With the six speed derauiller you are not limited to the speed of the electric motor, you can speed down the road as fast you your can in high gear! You get the best of both worlds! Exercise and electric assist.

Frame: Hi Tensil Steel
Rims: 26 in.Alloy with MTB Black Adonized Knife Edge
Tires: Aluminium Double Wall Profile 26" x 1.95 Off Road Type
Deraileur: SHIMANO, SIS 6 speed
Front Forks: MTB 26" Suspension Type
Brakes: Disc Brakes Front and Rear
Handlebars: Alloy
Mudguards / Fenders: Straight Plastic
Seat: Comfort MTB Style
Motor: 250 Watt Brushless Hub Motor.
Controller: 36 Volt DC Pedal Assist System Plus Speed Control Throttle!
Batteries: 36 Volt 8 ah High Power Sealed Lead Acid
(Optional Ni-MH 36v 8 ah batteries)
Charger: 36 Volt DC Output, 220/240 Volt AC Input intelligent Electronic
Charging Time: Dependant on use! 4 - 6 Hours
Max Speed: 15 mph with motor, faster with pedaling
PAS System: Economy Speed 12 mph
Range: 24-27 miles depending on Riders Weight,Road Conditions Etc
Normal Load recommended: Load 220 lbs.
Maximum Load: 275 lbs.
Weight of Bicycle: 74 lbs. plus Battery Pack (20 lbs.)
(Optional Ni-MH or Li-Ion batteries weigh 12/8 lbs)
Assembly Required: Pedals, Front tire, Front Fender (10 - 15 minutes)
Lead Acid: $625.00 plus $74 shipping
Ni-MH: $798 plus $71 shipping
Li-Ion: $995 plus $75 shipping

The only thing I haven't been able to locate is feedback from owners, so I would suggest you ask them to provide some additional information from some owners.

Peace Out,

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Peace Out, <img src="http://tinyurl.com/ysafbn">

johny b
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Re: EV Warrior bikes or Liberty Electric bikes

Well after making my daughter mad (she wanted the green EV Warrior) I bit the bullet and purchased the Liberty Mountain bike. It maybe a little pricey, but time will tell. I live only 3 miles from work right now so I plan to use this bike as much as possible. I am converting an Austin Healey Sprite, but I do not have enough money saved up to complete the project correctly at this time. I will keep a log of how this bike does and write a periodic review of it for the forum. I hope to receive it sometime this week.

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Re: EV Warrior bikes or Liberty Electric bikes

I think you made a good choice if the quality of the bike itself is up to snuff. You will be far happier with a hub motor rather than the friction drive of the EV Warrior. I was looking at that EV myself as a good platform for a conversion. Strip off all the factory electronics and have at it. Like those integrated battery boxes.

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